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January 29, 2023

Window on the World Column | Our City by the Bay

The last time at the hotel, there were young Asian girls next to us wearing facemasks in the elevator. We thought they were a bit strange. Little did we know that the world was on the cusp of the largest, strangest pandemic in our...

Letter to the Editor | We Need Solutions to Save Stray Animals

To the Editor: Attention: South County animal lovers! Are you aware that when your city animal control officer picks up stray kittens and dogs, they have only temporary facilities to hold them? If the animal is not claimed by an owner, and, let’s face it, stray...

Worthy to Print Column | Make the Most of Your Regrets

Regrets? I’ve had a few. Old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra, sure knew how to say it better than me, but then he got to live his life “My Way.” I have done a lot of things in my life. I got to thinking about...

Worthy to Print Column: They can do it

When I was a young man — oh, about 12 — I wondered why we even had to go to school. I got along with all my classmates and even liked my teacher, but on a day when the sun was out and the...

Funny Papers Again Column | Diagonals and Rounds and Painted Walls

As reported in last week’s edition of the Rustler, the City of King has altered the direction of parking on a section of Broadway as a means of providing a safer downtown environment. All the ins and outs of this trial run can be...

Worthy to Print Column | Choosing the Right Candidates

Another week in our beautiful town and another week closer to the election that will determine who is to lead our fair city for the next few years. I am a follower of all things political that is happening in our nation’s capitol. In...

Funny Papers Again Column | Donate Yourself and Be a Volunteer

The definition of the word “volunteer,” according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, is a person who does a job without being paid for it. That’s pretty straightforward, but in my opinion it falls a bit short of the mark; if one takes the...

Window on the World Column | The Foxy Lover

He became quite the character of sorts, a fixture on the rather rough and tumble Nestles Road in Soledad, surrounded by rough ground and abandoned buildings. If you happened to pass by during the latter part of an afternoon, you might see him sitting...

Jake and Krysta

Worthy to Print by George Worthy

Grains of time

Window on the World: Column by Lucy Jensen

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