To the Editor:

Today (Jan. 11) I received a letter from Waste Management in the mail. It threatened to fine me if I didn’t recycle properly. There was a picture of some waste that was not recognizable. I wanted an explanation, so I tried to called them. Their number was on the garbage can, and I called it. It was the black hole of please hold.

Next, I found another number, but it was the same black hole. Then I called my county supervisor’s office. The delightful clerk looked up a local number and texted it to me. Still hopeful, I called that number, too. Guess what — the same black hole. I want you to know Chris Lopez called, and I feel he will do something, although I am worried that he will get the same black hole. Good luck, Mr. Lopez.

My wife and I walk Pine Canyon Road every day. There is litter everywhere. This litter is the result of garbage and recycling flying out of the Waste Management vehicles. I know this because I see it happen almost every week. There are pizza and other boxes made ready for recycling and packing materials line the road. 

I was stopped last week by another Pine Canyon resident. He said he has contacted Waste Management about the litter and asked if I would do the same. Like I have said, I tried, but to no avail.

When I got my threatening letter today, I could not believe it. The Waste Management trucks are among the biggest litterers in South Monterey County. If you happen to be driving behind one of their littering trucks, please take out your phone and take pictures. As I travel the roads of South Monterey County, I will never look at litter again and have to wonder where it came from.

I am retired and often don’t pay attention to what day of the week it is. However, I always know when it is Thursday because that is when the Waste Management trucks come to Pine Canyon and leave their “presents” on the side of the road. 

Randall Lewis
Pine Canyon

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