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This week’s scribbling is dedicated to Commander Roger Baez, who was just finishing up two years as commander of Gonzales Post 81 of the American Legion. He was a lot more than that though. He worked every day to increase membership, enhance the Post facility, instill pride within the membership and set an example for the members, even when his health was waning. 

The flag at the hall is now flying at half-mast to honor him and his service. God Bless Roger. “Taps” are sounding in all our hearts. “Taps” is the official song played at any veteran’s service. It didn’t start out that way. It was originally played as the signal to turn out the lights and go to sleep. It is appropriate for this man who has left for his last assignment. He served proudly in the U.S. Navy.

Some time ago I wrote about our American Legion hall and that we fly the national flag of the United States of America. How you could always wave as you drive by. I got a little ahead of myself. The flag had been taken down until the method of securing it had been repaired. It is now repaired and will fly every day possible, in case you want to check it out.

You know I probably should not mention this, but I’m getting tired of this. “This” is the political direction our country is heading. You didn’t think it was from working too hard, did you? Of course not. I’ll tell you that if I were given control of the policies and practices of our federal government, there is no telling where we would be by now. 

First, I would bring all military personnel back home to the United States, and then I would get rid of about half of the politicians. They aren’t politicians anymore anyway. They are investors. They find a nice company that has been having troubles getting started, then they vote as to whether they should open the market for that company. The company goes public, and the so-called politicians pocket a big chunk of money. They have been doing this for many years. It’s just that they are doing it out in the open and laughing when someone asks about this crooked dealing. 

OK, now they are fooling around over in Ukraine, sending our military to get involved in a situation that cannot be settled without someone getting a pie in their face. Haven’t we learned anything?

It was refreshing to see that our governor can do something else besides make up rules for us to follow and then disregard all those rules himself. Masks seem to be on their way out of the daily uniform. That was the dumbest rule about Covid. No one ever said the masks did anything to preclude the virus from getting to you. It was just another way for the politicians to push our buttons and cause our children to be about two years behind in their lessons. 

I heard a lady on TV say she was going to wear her mask anyway. In her case, I think it was a good idea. Here is hoping that we will continue to get our freedoms back.

Having been locked up in our own house and having to wear masks have gotten to us. We are going to take a few days off, rent an RV and wander through the northern states of our country. Both she and I have been across the lower half, but never have been to anywhere north of Nevada. If you have any special places you think we might enjoy, please don’t be shy. Just drop an email to the editor and he will pass it on.

My older son has taken on some serious new responsibility. He has a new roommate. It is a new puppy. He named it Cash, for all the money he had to spend to get it settled within his apartment. I know, like children, no one has any ugly pets, but this little rascal is sure cute. It is a Boston terrier, and that’s a dog for which I have very nice memories. My dad was not in love with all the strays my brothers and I brought home, but he loved Boston terriers.

It appears that I am finally getting my truck back on the road. I had been doing some maintenance on the steering about three months ago and had to repair some of the new add-ons I thought made it look cooler. Well, not only did they not make it cooler, but I found a leak in my gas tank and the steering wouldn’t work right. But I just borrowed from my bride and got some discounts on parts, and it is almost ready to go.

In case you are wondering why I’m so scattered, it’s because I just installed a new operating system in my computer. I have erased this column four times and it took me a lot of experimenting before I could finally get something to stay on the paper. I had been utilizing “Word 77,” and the lovely young lady that puts aside her own work to help me told me to get this new program, and since I could not fax or email on my last program, I gave it a try. 

I still have problems, but I have to get out of them by myself.

God Bless.

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