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April 24, 2024

Funny Papers Again Column | ‘Under the Sea’ With Sol T

In last week’s column I mentioned having a “senior moment” when admitting I had lost the device that contained not only a column partially written, but all of my previous columns, which goes back quite a few weeks now. A few weeks back I...

Guest Column | Gratitude Builds a Path Toward a Happier and Healthier Holiday

Each holiday season comes with high expectations for happy, carefree gatherings. It’s all too true, however, that once the calendar turns to November, feelings of sadness or anxiety can sometimes take hold. Beyond major depression or severe anxiety disorders (which require professional help), it’s common...

Opinion | The last week of summer

Joanne's Got It | Column by Joanne Banuelos

Worthy to Print Column | Cracking a Smile

Before I get too far into my scribbling today, I would like to say “thank you” to all my readers and friends. It was so kind of you to send me addresses of stores that carried the Big Hunk candy bars. I especially want...

Letter to the Editor | Deadly Force at School

To the Editor: One of the default solutions offered for countering an active shooter in a school is arming teachers. Thus, ensuring that “the school” can push back on an intruder rapidly and lethally. At first glance, this solution rings true; but is it really? Like...

Funny Papers Again Column | Idiotologies vs The Review and Research Posse

In an age of universal communications via satellites circling the globe when any human on the planet who has a capable device may offer up opinions and speculations about any subject known to humankind it is not unreasonable, given the testimony of history, to...

Window on the World Column | The Highs and the Low Tides of Life

There is something about the silence of an empty house that is so comforting it is almost not empty at all. When the voices have left the building, the last car door has slammed and the final cup of tea has been consumed, the...

Worthy to Print Column | Murphy’s Law

Have you ever heard of a guy named Edsel Murphy? He was not a politician or a doctor or any of the professions that are common. You may have heard the name, but perhaps you don’t know why it sounds so familiar. But whether...

OPINION: Charity should begin at home

Local column by Lucy Jensen

Worthy to Print Column: I was contrary

Sometimes we forget how are mother’s guidance shaped our behavior. Nobody’s mother wants to see their children in trouble with the law or school. Yet most of the time we just simply forget and do stupid things that you hope your mother will never...

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