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May 24, 2024

Window on the World Column | The Top Generation

Lucy Jensen
I remember my grandparents very clearly. They were our safe harbor when things in the house were a little stormy. My grandma was quiet and sweet, mostly seen with knitting needles in her hands and a soft smile. She made the best chocolate cakes...

Guest Column | Mind Matters: Utilizing the Power of Self-Care for Mental Well-Being

Mee Memorial Healthcare System Rena Salamacha
In a world where stressors abound and demands seem never-ending, taking care of oneself is not just a luxury but a necessity. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and although we should prioritize every aspect of our health year-round, this is a month to...

Funny Papers Again Column | Meet Kevin and Malcolm: An Open Letter to Buyers

Steve Wilson
Dear Salinas Valley Fair Livestock Auction Buyers; Let me take a few lines to tell you about a young man named Kevin and his pig named Malcolm. I have lived next door to Kevin’s family for about a decade now and have always found them...

Worthy to Print Column | Kicking Up Your Heels — Not

George Worthy
I believe that if you didn’t have a good time these past couple of weekends, you must have been hiding. Our weekend started off having a great time and seeing friends that have been out of our usual destination. Let’s start out with a...

Guest Column | Reading the Haggadah in Berlin

It is an uncommon occurrence in my own life to find myself in a situation where I become distinctly and acutely aware that I am—in that moment—a minority. This once occurred when I attended a young adult LGBTQ organization in Long Beach, where black...

Funny Papers Again Column | Meet the Nippers and the Nipper’s Nippers

Steve Wilson
If any of you readers have paid attention over the past few years, you know I do not include a lot of family stuff; we all have family stories, so my use of space in a newspaper as a journal about my family seems...

Worthy to Print Column | A Day in the Life of a Soldier — Part II

George Worthy
Last week I wrote a little to explain why Special Forces are such revered soldiers. It is because they have studied small unit warfare for at least three months back at Fort Bragg, the home of Special Forces. This is where they earn the...

Window on the World Column | A Beautiful Tribute to a Beautiful Lady

Lucy Jensen
The first time we met she was the secretary of the organization but seemed to be pretty much in charge of everything. She was curious about which rock I had just crawled out from under and where my people were from. Her enthusiasm for...

Guest Column | All Californians Deserve Access to Healthcare, Agriculture Workers Included

As a former California State Assemblymember and Monterey County Supervisor, I am deeply concerned about the pressing issue of rising prescription drug prices and healthcare accessibility. Our state’s progress depends on the advancement and well-being of all its communities, especially those at risk. With...

Funny Papers Again Column | The Travails of Patient and Customer

Steve Wilson
I am grateful for Mee Memorial Healthcare System, I really am. In the past decade I have had more contact with the folks there than I wanted to, but as one ages one must face the realities of natural physical deterioration or, as in...

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