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June 14, 2024

Funny Papers Again Column | Missouri and Florida: Never the Twain Shall Meet?

I have always enjoyed words and how they are used, but as I have not kept up on the grammatical, I frankly admit to longer being able to accurately describe, or recognize in use, the dangling participle or the gerund, nor would I be...

Worthy to Print Column | Murphy’s Law

Have you ever heard of a guy named Edsel Murphy? He was not a politician or a doctor or any of the professions that are common. You may have heard the name, but perhaps you don’t know why it sounds so familiar. But whether...

Window on the World Column | Habitual Early Mornings

Lucy Jensen
I was under the, apparent, misunderstanding that it takes three weeks to form a habit. (Some bad habits maybe sooner, but a life-changing habit, that is!) Come to find out in a study published by the European Journal of Social Psychology (I guess they...

OPINION: Living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Local column by George Worthy

Funny Papers Again Column | Do Franklin’s Words Apply Today?

Steve Wilson
I cannot recall the first time I learned about The Great Depression of my parent’s generation, but I do remember their stories of that time in American history. As early as elementary school we watched period newsreels depicting unemployed workers in soup kitchen lines,...

Worthy to Print Column: I had an epiphany

Have you noticed that we have a bunch of folks that have too much time on their hands? It wouldn’t be so bad if they used this extra time to do something good, but they seem hell-bent to destroy neighborhoods. By the way, they...

Window on the World Column | The Soup Diaries — A Work of Love

Lucy Jensen
There’s something about being an author that is very addictive. Sometimes you can be midway through the tedious proofing of a manuscript — most writers’ least favorite thing — and already be working on the plot for the next book. Sometimes — as is the...

Funny Papers Again Column | Homecomings: A (Short) Tale of Two Cities

Steve Wilson
This column about Homecoming appearing 12 days after the events of that week is not a mistake, I felt that coverage in last week’s edition needed nothing further about the subject, so it appears this week as planned. A bit of confusion arose in my...

Worthy to Print Column | Never Give Up

How about that Super Bowl! Did you get to watch it? I can’t remember the last one that I have watched, but this one was really a good show. Lorraine and I enjoyed ourselves just hoping the best team would win. You know what? The...

Worthy to Print Column | Raising Children

Do you ever get the feeling that you were born at the wrong time or place? How about what you do? I ask these questions because I often find myself in a situation where a little prior knowledge of a subject would have surely...

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