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April 24, 2024

Opinion | King City hosts 2nd annual District Watch block parties

Commentary by Steve Adams, City Manager, King City

Window on the World Column | Summer Travel Woes 2022

I am a British Citizen, born in Aldeburgh, Suffolk, in 1963. I have lived in the USA since 1988 and have been a dual national and dual passport holder since 2003 without incident. I have always felt safer traveling the world with two passports,...

Adventure Abounds Column: Preparing for an Emergency

Do you have proper emergency preparation in place? The recent wildfires should be a reminder to everyone to have emergency plans ready. The idea is to be prepared, whether the threat is a wildfire, earthquake, flood, long-term power outage or some other widespread problem. A...

Opinion | King City adopts 20-year Strategic Plan

Commentary by Steve Adams, City Manager, King City

Letter to the Editor: Reader’s View of Ballot Choices

Editor's Note: We welcome Letters to the Editor of local and general interest to our readers. Letters should be typed and include the writer’s first and last name, home address and phone number for verification. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters may be edited...

Guest Column | Practicing Healthy Habits Every Day Will Pay Dividends in the Long Term

Rena Salamacha
Many of us lead such busy lives that we often don’t take the time to invest in the small daily habits that, when practiced over the long term, keep us strong and healthy and contribute to the prevention of disease. A recent community survey conducted...

Worthy to Print Column: Halloween Fun

We have been living through some perilous times. I have heard from my relatives, my friends and even some neighbors. Things are not as they should be. Maybe this election will change us for the better. Maybe they will have a vaccine for this...

Funny Papers Again Column | A Little Card Shop That Is So Much More

Steve Wilson
I am sure you who read this column have no doubt noticed recently I’ve been a day late and a dollar short, to torture a metaphor. A couple weeks ago I mentioned Maddie and Tae, a singing duo advertised at the Fairgrounds, and as...

Funny Papers Again Column | History at a Glance: Amendments and Compromises

‘A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right to bear Arms, shall not be infringed’; Second Amendment, Constitution of the United States of America. These words, and the thoughts behind them, were added to the constitution and ratified in...

Words matter and how best to respond

Joanne's Got It: Column by Joanne Banuelos

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