George Worthy
George Worthy

Hello! Have you seen any good movies lately? I ask that because I have been busy watching some films made a couple of years ago. They weren’t made by some fancy Hollywood director, but rather a few hidden cameras and a couple of shaky handed politicians.

I’m not sure what they are going to call the finished product, but I can tell you that there are going to be some very serious politicians that will be watching them very close. After all, they were not allowed to show them before now. Nor were the attorneys for the men and women that were arrested, no matter their actions at the Capitol. The incident and the films or videos were immediately classified with the highest rating kept so that no one could see what actually occurred unless the Attorney General or one of the President’s attorneys gave permission.

I’m sure, if you remember, there was a tremendous outcry from the President and his minions about American citizens walking through the Capitol buildings. Cries of “Insurrection” and “Citizen Rebellion” were echoing throughout the halls of the Federal Government.

No one had an opportunity to question the decisions being made of that period, yet men and women were being arrested and given a trial that was not open to the public. Many of the accused were not even allowed to contact their families to get legal help from a representative. Almost everything that happened that day was blamed on Donald Trump as he had stated that he was cheated out of an election and information was withheld that may have proved his point.

I’m not going to rehash all the mistakes that our Federal Government made that day and even since that day. The release of the videos that were taken will prove that the Federal Government under the direction of the President had people arrested and held without bond. It will also be pointed out that many of the most vociferous voices were from representatives of the Executive branch of Government. The folks that tried to point this out said the loudest voices were from law enforcement.

Weapons were in attendance and lives were lost, but not from the people that were attempting to seek redress from our government. They were arrested and placed in custody with no chance to seek redress. Many of these folks are still in custody today. The videos will prove what many have called an insurrection, which was actually nothing more than people walking down the corridors and in many cases being escorted by the Capitol police. Personally I cannot wait to see these moments that were nothing more than folks strolling down the Capitol walkways.

I watched as members of congress were questioning the Attorney General. He could not speak to any of the accusations because he said he had assured the President that he didn’t want to get involved. Funny, I always thought the Attorney General had the responsibility to deal with Federal Crimes. The videos will show that there were lies told by many folks in Washington, and I hope you take the time to listen to what has happened to our Government. What really happened on Jan. 6, 2021?

On a lighter note, I wanted to talk about our newest family member, Ranger. You may recall I named him that when I met him because he has a mask on his face that looks just like The Lone Ranger of cowboy movies in days gone by. If you did get a chance to see any of the older episodes of The Lone Ranger, you will remember he was a straight shooting honest man that always got his man. 

The Lone Ranger had a friend that traveled with him, and his name was Tonto. Tonto was supposed to be an Indian name meaning trusted friend or something like that. Our Ranger is like that, a loyal friend. But truth be told I think I named him Ranger because Army Rangers never leave anyone behind.

You might remember that he is a Miniature Australian Shepherd. Now what does that mean? He is a little smaller than the dogs we are used to having around the house. No, he is a lot smaller, but he carries himself with such bravado you know you cannot challenge him as he won’t back down from anyone or thing. He is also just about the best dog we have ever had. He has never made a mistake in the house and he learns tricks faster than I can think of them.

The only thing I wish I knew how to do is to get him to “come,” when called. He reminds me of our children, as he has gone through the same stages of growth that they did. Did you ever call your children when they were living at home? Then you remember what I’m talking about. He thinks that everything is a game and he is the master of the games. If you try to discipline him, he thinks that is a new game and he will lay down until you are ready to pick him up and then he will run around and dare you to keep trying.

Lorraine just wishes he would sleep a little later, but to be honest he is trying a little everyday. Oh yeah! I forgot; don’t leave any paper out where he can get to it, as he has a sweet tooth for anything he can swallow.

All in all, he is just about the best thing to happen to our family in a while. He has taken the place of Dirt and Kodak, as if anyone could take their place.

God Bless.

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