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You knew it was going to happen. What’s that? You didn’t know. Well, let me tell you it’s true! Last week I got on my soapbox about taxes, and since it’s April, why not continue my rant. 

Instead of working on helping “We the People,” the politicians in Sacramento have decided to tax us on the number of miles we travel. It isn’t enough that we already have a gas tax, a road tax, a disposal tax… oh I could go on for hours. You know what I’m getting at. 

This new tax “isn’t much,” the polls shout. I guess when you don’t have to pay taxes, you will hardly notice it. But for the rest of us, the tax will result in about five cents per gallon of gas. Are they ever going to stop? Oh by the way, it will be charged to everyone, unless you have a placard on your dash. 

I was wondering what this new tax was, well now I know, but in this case being aware won’t save me much. Maybe it might help me convince my love that I need my motorcycle back. I hated to sell it, but sometimes you do the most painful thing to keep your bride from worrying, so I sold mine. Or at least that’s the reason I tell folks.

Actually I can admit that I was getting a little nervous about all the cars on the road. I have had too many people stop before turning left, hands on the steering wheel, look at me straight in the eye, sometimes never waving and then pull out right in front of me. My eyes get as big as a garbage can lid.

Of course, since I trust no one, I usually stop before the unthinkable might happen. Just for context, here is an example. I had a very good friend who used to come in my gun shop and just shoot the bull. He also used to help me on “Range Day,” when I was given permission to use the peace officer range out at Laguna Seca to teach self defense classes to new patrons. Their range was especially good for closeup shooting. 

Anyway, his name was Jaime and we often rode our bikes together. On one particular day, Jaime was stopped at a red light. He had stopped to wait for another rider. A delivery truck from the Bay Area actually accelerated as he plowed into the rear of Jaime’s bike. He pushed the bike all the way to the middle of the intersection. 

It isn’t something I ever want to see again, and we have all been devastated ever since. The trucking company was held liable for the accident; the driver actually told the policeman that came to write it all up that he had seen Jaime but the light was yellow. Nobody stops on a yellow light, and Jaime’s family was compensated. But how do you compensate for the loss of a husband and father?

I almost quit riding that day. It wasn’t the first time I had seen something like that. Speaking from my own experiences, there had been times when people were close enough to bump my bike. I have had broken ribs and scared my bride a few times. So I have decided I’m too old to ride anymore. Doesn’t that sound silly? Being too old to do something…

Oh well, good things also happen in this crazy world. I think I mentioned last week I will be the guest speaker at the Southern Monterey County Republican Women Federated meeting in King City. I just wish my folks could be there. Isn’t it funny how happy you are that your folks didn’t see some of the crazy things you did? But when something good happens, you would really like them there. 

Sometimes I look at life like a play. Some of us are fortunate to have our parents see us in the good times and hope they forget the bad times. They did get to see me become an officer in the Army and to qualify to wear the Green Beret of the Army Special Forces. Next to my children and my marriage, becoming an officer was probably the proudest I have been. 

Well, I guess I’m a little sleepy because I just now realized that nothing can beat my wife and children. My gosh that is always the paramount gift from God. I remember watching my kids walk across the stage to receive their diploma from college. A sight my parents would have loved. I think that was the main reason I went back to school to get my college degree. I wish my folks would have seen that.

Never stop learning. Always appreciate the little things. The Easter season is a time for reflection and forgiveness. Make things right with those you love and enjoy the journey. My kids know what I value and they strive to make their mother and I proud. And you know what? They succeed every moment of the day.

God Bless.

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