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February 5, 2023

Letters to the Editor for Week of June 14

South County Newspapers welcome Letters to the Editor of fewer than 400 words. Submit all letters with the writer's name and contact information to [email protected]

Just be nice

Worthy to Print: Column by George Worthy

Window on the World Column | Sending Congratulations to Morghan and the Team

Sometimes it is a hard old universe to still be in old-style media, as opposed to social media that most people are familiar with in this modern world. I’ve been in, on or around newspapers most of my adult life and I still love...

Funny Papers Again Column | Idiotologies vs The Review and Research Posse

In an age of universal communications via satellites circling the globe when any human on the planet who has a capable device may offer up opinions and speculations about any subject known to humankind it is not unreasonable, given the testimony of history, to...

Letter to the Editor | Taking Care of Stanton Theater

To the Editor: The Robert Stanton Theater (also known as the KCHS auditorium) was regarded as something of a dinosaur when I arrived in town more than 50 years ago. Almost losing the place due to neglect and disrepair in the 1980s changed perceptions. People...

Worthy to Print Column | Decisions, Decisions

Do you have grandchildren? I am blessed with two wonderful grandchildren and one great-grandson. I love it when they come over and I can dazzle them with my stories of where I have been and what I have done. I also keep a little...

Guest Column | Greenfield’s Speech and Debate Program Deserves to be Treated Fairly

On Dec. 18, 2020, the Competitive Speech and Debate Program at Greenfield High School was canceled. By eliminating this program, the South Monterey County Joint Union High School District Board of Education is depriving students of critical college scholarship opportunities. Perhaps more disturbing are...

Worthy to Print Column | Coming Together

So after last week where I told you of the wonder of living in Gonzales, you might have thought I was just putting words on the paper, and you would have been right. I do love this town, and now I want to illustrate...

Funny Papers Again Column | Yearly Orbit of the Sun; Four Days, Over and Done

I have notes scribbled on scraps of paper scattered about my work area, in pockets and various other places I will no doubt discover after this goes to print. But I have enough here for a short column to cap off another year in...

Worthy to Print Column | Will You Be Mine?

Aahhhh February! This has to be one of my favorite months. For a month that only has 28 or 29 days, there are a lot of days that we celebrate this month. Of course, we have Valentine’s Day. This is the day Saint Valentinus...

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