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April 19, 2024

Window on the World Column | The Olden Days of Newsies — Part II

Lucy Jensen
When I began my newsie career in 1991, the newspaper had a circulation of about 25,000 on Saturdays and slightly less during the week. Circulation was therefore a key department as well, because the well-oiled machine of putting the paper out was really no...

Letter to the Editor | Clam Chowder Dinner a Tradition of Community, Fellowship and Fundraising in King City

To the Editor: For the 29th time, the Drury Tankersley Clam Chowder Dinner presented by Monterey County Agricultural and Rural Life Museum (MCARLM) has come and gone. Once again, I had the wonderful opportunity to help both behind the scenes and on the actual day...

Funny Papers Again Column | Face It, It’s a Lousy Book

Steve Wilson
Time passes, locales change, friends come and go. We all experience changes, we graduate high school, some go on to college before joining “the working world” while others set straight in to building a life, and so begins the diaspora of those we knew...

Worthy to Print Column | I Am What I Am and That’s All That I Am

George Worthy
I suppose that today I should write something about how messed up our government is, but I think that would be too easy. There is no use in restating my thoughts about how miserable it is being run right now. If you read anything...

Window on the World Column | The Olden Days of Newsies — Part I

Lucy Jensen
The day I started work at the newspaper was Halloween 1991. I remember that day so well, because the whole building was decorated in pumpkins and ghouls and all the staff were dressed up in elaborate outfits. Candy was on every desk — it...

Funny Papers Again Column | ‘For a Better World, What Would You Change?’

Steve Wilson
If I were a cleverer wordsmith, I am sure I could come up with the right phrase, or adage, to convey how a bad thing can turn into a good thing; how a misstep may lead to a better path. It is possible I’ll...

Guest Column | Empowering South County Youth for a Healthier Future

Mee Memorial Healthcare System Rena Salamacha
A few months ago, I attended a dedication ceremony at the Darlene Acosta Youth Center at Sun Street Centers in King City to celebrate the completion of the Rotary Student Lounge. Mee Memorial Healthcare System is highly committed to supporting the health and well-being...

Window on the World Column | The Full Moon

Lucy Jensen
When you start the week at the early morning water aerobics class at the Soledad pool, you go out the gate like a champ, rising to greatness like the very light itself coming up. There is nearly nothing as life enhancing as watching the...

Funny Papers Again Column | On the Big Stage We All Act, Sing and Dance

Steve Wilson
William wrote: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man plays many parts ….” If you are one who has been smitten, or stricken (as the case may be),...

Worthy to Print Column | Our 50th State

George Worthy
This morning when I woke up I was feeling pretty good, all things being equal. For some reason as I lay there I kept remembering Lorraine’s father coming by my apartment and picking me up so I could help him clean a couple of ...

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