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Well, hello folks, I missed you all while attending to some matters that are all in order now, so I thought it a good time to return to the printed page. Before we get onto more current affairs, let me mention of few items of interest, hopefully, of the recent past.

I was able to record a fair amount of personal history; a full biography is an undertaking for only the very serious and experienced writer, but I did get enough transcribed so my children and grandchildren have some inkling of what life the old man lived. And, I am now well into my character in the upcoming version of “The Nutcracker Ballet” — more on that later.

Also, and this is not really a big deal, but I quit drinking alcohol. Don’t exactly know why, it wasn’t something that at this point in my life was a problem by any means, nor was it planned, but one day I just decided that I could live without Coors Light; I was never a big cocktail or wine drinker, so that part of my life just fell away.

I took the time to read some books; one by the Wall Street Journal’s long-time White House correspondent about his long association with the loser of the 2020 presidential election; emphasis on loser.

Also read an autobiography written by Ron and Clint Howard about their lifetime in television and film, and then got into Gore Vidal’s 600-plus page “Lincoln,” which I interrupted after watching (for probably the fifth or sixth time) the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Nell Carter Lee, which led me to read the book for the first time, which led to the movie “Capote” about author Truman Capote’s (“Dill” in the book) visit to Holcolm, Kan., to write about the murder of a family in that town in 1959, which led to my reading the book (for the second time) “In Cold Blood,” which I am now about halfway through.

Like others, I enjoyed some recent events here in town: Trunk or Treat is always a safe event for the whole community, and one of the largest gatherings every year. The KCHS Drama Class presentation showed some real talent in youth department; as did Sol Treasures’ “Frozen,” where some of the best talent in children’s musicals in the Central Coast area was on display.

More arts offerings are forthcoming the weekend of Dec. 9, 10 and 11 with the 63rd annual Monterey County Dance Theatre’s “The Nutcracker Ballet,” and I will add that if you think you know the story of Clara and the Nutcracker/Prince, let me assure you this year’s production will let you know otherwise. Artistic Director Jan Harkness is reviving a storyline not seen in over a decade, and there are changes that will delight audiences with a love story with a higher level of dance. And a nice addition to the cast of a maid’s helper.

Some upcoming events include a Holiday Open House down at MCARLM and various shopping opportunities at The Garden House and Sol Treasures Gift Shop, as well as other venues in town. And, of course, there is the King City Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Lighted Christmas Parade this coming Friday, where of course the Grand Elf of the Season will make his appearance.

And then before we all can say Happy Hannukah and Merry Christmas, the New Year will be upon us and we’ll begin another free trip around the Sun on Spaceship Earth. Looking forward to the ride myself, and hope you are all going to join the carousel.

Take care. Peace.

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