New-news: Lately the city has given a number of presentations to honor the many that volunteered their services in silence. Recently selected Fireman of the Year 2016, Chris Salazar, was given the city’s proclamation during the April 25 meeting. Serving in all aspects of being a member of the brotherhood of the King City Fire Department, he never refuses when asked to help and volunteers before asked, responding to 177 calls out of 224 fires this year. His beautiful family and tiny children attended as he received applause from all.

New-news: Sitting with City Manager Adams on the dais was Attorney Margaret Rose helping out in place of our own City Attorney Shannon Chaffin. Since attending the meetings beginning 2004 I have never seen a woman there in that position. I had to tell her it was a nice change, and I also noticed she offered a little more input. Surprised?

New-news: Attending the council meeting was Dald Cleek, president of directors for ProYouth. Their goal is “changing communities, one child at a time.” With the history in Tulare like ours, that is until ProYouth got involved. Hopefully we will get the same results as our city pursues ways to keep kids safe. Remember when 4C4P was seen the answer, and for awhile, yet more has to be done.

News-old: The city council in January decided on a plan with five categories — prevention, intervention, enforcement, re-entry and public outreach — a plan by a 23-member community task force. Adopting a youth daytime curfew ordinance is being proposed. Daytime curfews can reduce truancy, and may reduce gang recruitment. There is a night-time curfew currently in place. Home school or other activities authorized by parents would be an exception. With the ordinance, it is a way the police are able to question and assist children, using it as a tool that could be enforced. Our Chief likes the “tool box” filled with ordinances and referring to using one as a tool. The January study of youth violence led to the after-school changes and maybe to a campus-based probation officer.

News-old: Yes, it is back to the future and along with a zone change. It has become ag land again and not industrial anymore. A property sale of  $2,325,000 to Mission Holdings TLC (or a entity related thereof) so farming will begin there again. Sad the small business park hasn’t done what was in mind. The businesses in town left our downtown, losing the lumber company and stationary store and Hearne’s flowers, and are missed. It made a pleasant way to enter the city and still held its western look. However, farming is as important, and it’s good the city had some land it could sell.

News-old: There is a tournament being played this weekend and the Salinas Valley Heritage group are signed up. I mention it as I do with other events and maybe of interest to you. Names of those I recognize haven’t heard in a long while, and should I list, you would be surprised the numbers that enjoy our golf course and director of golf Yolanda Frudden. The First Tee of Monterey still meets here on Tuesday and Thursday. I mention work is moving forward with Forden Park Improvements. Also identified as in poor condition were streets Haven Drive and Carlson and Vivian streets, and look to work to begin on these projects. Again my way of saying King City works hard to bloom again.

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