George Worthy
George Worthy

Good day! If you are a regular reader of my scribbles, then you know that a few weeks ago we lost the very best dog that has ever lived. Dirt was what a dog is supposed to be. As you might imagine, if you are a dog person, the clouds have hung low over our house.

A few years ago there was a cartoon that was published in all the major newspapers of the day called, “Little Abner.” Abner was a goofy hillbilly that got into all sorts of mischief in the course of a day. There was another character in the strip named “Evil Eye Flegal.” 

Now old Flegal was sort of special guy that had the bad fortune to be cursed with a cloud hanging over his head. It followed him everywhere, and if you got too close, it would station itself over whoever was near by. It was a terrible thing to be touched with this cloud, as it just followed you everywhere. It brought darkness and bad luck.

That is kind of like our house for the past few weeks. Getting cursed by Flegal darkened the day and brought no pleasure to anyone. I’ll tell you that it is not something I would recommend to anyone. Lorraine has reminded me of that nefarious character.

When you love someone as we do all things are shared, “The good and the bad.” Dirt’s passing has left us sort of out of touch with others, as we are dog people and the passing of a pet can follow you for some time. Lorraine loves all pets. but Dirt was a special dog and it was a particular loss as he left us in her arms.

To pile pain upon sadness is a horrible weight to carry, and to make thing worse we are near a couple of dog owners that cannot understand why everyone doesn’t love to hear dogs barking all during the night. There was one particular day that made things a lot easier to bare. Someone, and I don’t know who, sent a very poignant email to Lorraine. It was in the form of a letter from Dirt.

It was pretty amazing to get this essay when she was having a bad day. In this poem, written by Dirt, that told of his journey from our lives to the Rainbow Bridge. You guessed it. There were tears flowing as she read it to me. If you have never lost a pet that was a special addition to your family, it may not carry the weight, but to Lorraine and I it was truly like a missal from our boy.

I opened my iPad and looked up the author and found quite a few postings about the bridge, but no particular author. Just as well, I want to believe that what Lorraine got on her iPad was truly sent by Dirt. In case you have not read about the Rainbow Bridge, I just want to point out that it is a bridge that our pets go over when they leave us. 

On the other side of the bridge, it is all perfect for a pet. They never get hurt or lose the ball that their owner once tossed to them. They remind us of the joy that we had with each other. I don’t want to try and tell you all about it, as it was written when I looked it up. Just use your search engine and type in “The Rainbow Bridge.”

On the other side of the bridge, your pet finds all the balls that they used to fetch for their masters. There is no sickness or rushing cars that often do not stop for a pet. It is truly a place for love and happiness for our lost friends and family pets. As I read about it, I found that I wouldn’t mind going there myself if the roll is called and my name is heard. I’m sure that Dirt and Kodak are there and that they are still arguing about who gets to bring back the ball that I threw for them.

I don’t know who sent that email to Lorraine, but I’m pretty sure they had met Dirt and the other family friends that have departed from our family. The idea of a bridge that our pets cross over is appealing to Lorraine and me. So, before I go any further about the Rainbow Bridge, I must tell you of another proof that our pets keep their eyes open for us.

Yesterday, while I was doing something else, Lorraine started around the corner to explain to the owners of the barking dogs that seem to be in our backyard that their pets are barking to get your attention. They just ask one thing from their master and that is attention. They have so much love to share, but they just don’t know of a silent way to do so. I was still absorbing the wonder of a unbidden letter that could bring such love and acceptance of a warm, sunny place where we could sleep in peace knowing that our pets were free and happy.

It was then that Lorraine came back from her walk and asked me to accompany her to the house right behind us. Not being a confrontational kind of guy, I hesitated and asked what was up. “Just come with me,” she said in a commanding voice.

To be continued next week….

God Bless.

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