George Worthy
George Worthy

It seems I missed the deadline for last week’s paper. I could go on and tell you about how I was captured by some of the folks swimming across the Rio Grande and held until Prez Biden paid for my release. Of course, you wouldn’t believe that because he has already spent almost all the money we have in our country’s treasury. No, I won’t get into that. I’ll just tell you the truth and let you decide.

First I want to give you all some advice. Do not get a puppy if you are older than dirt. You might wake up and find that your “git up and go” has gotten up and went. You see I made that mistake because I love dogs. They will do anything to make you happy and even puppies will cause you to smile.

The nice folks that live behind us have lots of love to give because they didn’t buy a puppy. But with God’s help, they brought into this world seven squirming little bundles of fur that would make a hard-hearted person believe in miracles.

Lorraine and I were walking around the block one day reminding each other how much we missed our Kodak and Dirt. I have told you many times about those two dogs and how much love they had brought our family. We had even discussed getting another dog to fill those days when you need unconditional love.

We had discussed it, but then we would look up at the calendar and remember that we aren’t the two crazy kids that had brought those two dogs into our life and how much work it was to teach them all the things you feel that a dog owner has to teach their pets.

First they have to learn that when nature calls, they have to let us know that they need to go outside. I won’t tell you it was easy, but every time they learned something about what they needed versus what they wanted about going outside or staying off the furniture, it was as though someone else had taught them these basic things before we met them.

However, as much as we loved them, we had to let them go as they were surely needed for someone else. After you have been living with two dogs for the many years we did, strange things start to happen. Like I said, we were just walking around the block when we heard the squeals coming from our neighbor’s house. 

Being naturally nosy, we sort of walked over to the enclosure where our neighbors were all gathered around. Looking down we saw all these pups crawling over each other and making the strange sounds that puppies make when all they wanted was to get back to their mother where all the good stuff was.

I hope you have had the pleasure of seeing a litter of newborn puppies. It is truly difficult to even try to point out how beautiful these puppies were. They were Miniature Aussies and they came in many colors and noises. Blue-eyed sweethearts, black and grey coats of fur and there was even one that was black and white. With his eyes covered by black and the body surrounded in black and white, I sort of fell in love right there. His eyes were surrounded in black; it was like I was looking at a copy of the old TV show, “The Lone Ranger.” 

I picked him up and the owners smiled at each other. I guess they knew before I did that this guy had found someone that would be a good master. I picked him up and walked around making sure he knew I was a kind master and made a comment to my lovely bride that I thought this pup was made for me. I called him Ranger and Lorraine thought that was a perfect name for him. I did too. 

So, it was a great day for a walk and for finding a new member of our household. He was so young that I had to leave him with his mom and his litter mates.

I had raised a litter of Old English Sheepdogs earlier in my life, so I understood the work that had to be done and we simply asked how much he would cost. I didn’t fall down, but I did sort of waver. I had bought some very good cars for less money. But once the bug bites you, it is impossible to let go. Besides, I had a few weeks to come up with the money. You know, picking up aluminum cans and such.

Suffice to say the days went by and we were finally going to get our pup, Ranger. It didn’t take long for us to see who the new guy in town was going to be. We couldn’t be happier.

I would tell you of the difficulty of getting up at five in the morning just to go outside and watch him do his duty. But it really isn’t much. Besides, my lovely bride is the one who usually gets up. I have other grownup duties that require my attention.

Ranger quickly filled the empty spot in our lives and has made it clear who is really in charge. Every time we teach him a new trick, it is like seeing your child ride away from you when they learned to ride a bike.

Although we happened to buy a dog from our neighbors, I won’t tell you this is the best way to get a new member of your family. We had made up our mind through I believe God’s direction. We didn’t even know we were ready, but everything just fell into place. The lovely Lucy, one of our page mates, tells us that there are many dogs that need a new home, and if you are ready, I’ll bet she will help you find a new member of your family.

God Bless.

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