George Worthy

Well, we are finally getting some things done. During this period of awaiting for our President to be sworn in, I have kept myself busy because I already know what happens if you don’t have some structure in your life. I now know that there are approximately 7,000 rocks in my backyard. I had picked up these stones from the fields in Greenfield, where they are called “Greenfield potatoes.” I don’t know about now, but we used to be able to park just off Highway 101 and walk up to the piles of rocks that have been turned over and brought to the surface.

I’ll admit it was pretty easy to do these things back when I first moved to Gonzales, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since those days. I’m not sure if it is still the same way now as it was then to walk into the fields where nothing is planted and load the back of your pickup with these rocks. If there is someone close by, you should have the courtesy of asking if it’s OK to pick up these brown and grey stones. They are very hard on the machines the farmers use so they were OK with taking them out of the fields. 

I would think that nowadays you can’t do this. Not because the farmers don’t want to get rid of the stones, but what they really don’t like is anyone going into a field without permission because there are many things that can happen with crops and most of them are not good.

Maybe you remember when our geniuses in Washington told the entire United States to not eat any fresh spinach. Or when broccoli was the culprit? Those morons have no idea what it takes to grow and harvest a field of broccoli or spinach. It would really be cool if the people wanting your vote were to come to our Valley and harvest a field of any of the crops we grow around here. That way they might be a little more careful about trying to bankrupt a farmer.

Of all the things this virus has done, the most important is to inform the public and let the experts deal with the cautions they recommend. I mean, what else have they done? When a few members of “The Swamp” sit in front of a TV audience and swear, under oath, that what they say is the real truth. But we know better. “When will these people face the judge?” It seems to me that laws are written to be followed.

Of course, we have to include all the rights we have according to the Constitution of the United States. Contrary to some pundits, the governor has the right to tell us what and when we can do something — or in the case of having a party while on lockdown. 

What is mentioned is where the laws come from in every circumstance. They are prohibited of using an edict from our governor. They can do all the things mentioned, but whenever they are supposedly using a law, which has to be passed by our legislature, they have overstepped their authority. When the President makes a statement that anyone who violates the edict mentioned is liable for arrest, it has to be passed and ratified by the Congress and Senate of the United States. 

Really, when you read the words in our Constitution, it’s pretty clear what they can tell us to do and under what circumstances they can do so. Of all the things they do, lying to me or to you is a violation of the Constitution, and the politician saying these words is liable to prosecution.

We have a new President now, but he too has thumbed his nose at the law of using his position as vice president in order to enrich his own family. Of course, that is how most of the politicos leave their home, poor as church mice, to serve in Washington and then they come back with millions in their bank account.

This new President did it on camera and was bragging about it. What he has done to our nation by haggling with members of a foreign government will play out and we shall see if anyone is going to be prosecuted. I have my doubts. What makes sense is that some politicians need to be brought before a magistrate and for us to truly know what he and the others did while supposedly serving their country. I fail to believe that any of them will face a jury.

As for me, I am going to continue to wear my mask. Not because the government tells me to, but to do all I can to keep the virus out of my house. I also wash my hands a lot. This too makes some sense. I’m just wondering if any of you saw our governor and his friends eating at The French Laundry up in Napa the day after he said we are to cancel our Thanksgiving. Maybe we will remember that the next time he is up for election.

My proofreader is complaining about how much I put into my scribbling about the government, so I’m going to quit writing about government. God Bless.

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