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Well, hello! Did you miss me last week? Yeah, I know that you need my column so you can have something to put on the bottom of your birdcage.

I could lie to you with some far-fetched excuse about why I missed the deadline, but the truth is that my crayon was stepped on and I couldn’t write a thing without it. Last week would have been the first time in 20 years that I have not sent our beloved editor the ramblings of a faithful conservative.

Not having a column to write gave me a lot of time so I could keep a watch on our representatives in the crazy town of Washington, D.C. The so-called leader of our country is spending billions. (Do you remember when we used to say, “That’s with a ‘B.’”)

Speaking of a “B,” they (“the representatives”) led by a man who has no idea of what he speaks keeps saying billion with a “B” or trillion with a “T.” It’s like he believes that folks will swoon at the power he wields. Funny but this is the guy that has been caught with plagiarisms in his speeches more than anyone other than another politician. These folks don’t even deny their sins, as they feel they are above the laws of the land.

I saw a senator the other day smiling for the TV camera and admonishing the more conservative folks as though he was on TV again. Sen. Schumer is a sore excuse for a man who has sworn to defend the Constitution, while he was looking down at his desk telling anyone who would pay attention that he had the proof of Trump’s sins and he wanted to impeach him. 

In case you are wondering, it was an Archie comic book he was looking at. Anything more mature would have been too confusing for him. We have seen that the Democrats who swore they had the proof of Trump’s sins right in front of them.

Then, the truth came out as it always does and then we discovered that almost every Democratic member of this investigating body was lying. They raised their right hand and swore that they had enough information to impeach Trump without a doubt. Oops! It appears they lied again. I tell you this because you may not have seen that they had nothing.

I wish these guys had met my mom. She was a sweet lady that loved her family but who would explode when she discovered one of her children had told her a lie. Of course, she would not lay an angry hand on her “Boys,” but if she found out they were straying from the truth, she would pop them on the behind with a wooden spoon, sometimes more than once. 

I have told you more than once how I hate liars. You think it may be because my mom told me there were prices to be paid for telling a lie?

When our President tells us that he is fixing our country, I wonder if he is getting a little daffy. How can we believe anything he says? He has hired 80,000 new IRS agents. Then he says it won’t hurt. These will only be used on returns over $400,000. However, his Treasury Secretary has not denied that as much as 90% of the new IRS audits will come from tax payers making less than $400,000. That sounds as though he is lying again. 

You can tell when he is lying, his lips are moving. I don’t make enough money to worry about how many agents he has hired. Still, when he arms these agents I can only remind these folks of a short warning from the Lord Acton, the 13th, an English Catholic politician who is credited with the warning, “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I used to quote this fellow, Lord Acton, all the time, but I was kidding and I know that Biden is not kidding.

If you would like to know what shenanigans were being pulled upon the American people by way of Dr. Fauci and his minions, they were getting a lion’s share of the money allocated, make sure you watch the coverup on TV, it appears that once again our money has been used against us.  

I haven’t even mentioned the death that Biden is allowing to happen. I don’t know if all the children are aware of how close they are to death even if they have been warned about these pills coming across the border. Didn’t you face something in your youth that could have been called dangerous? Yet you wanted to know the results? 

Although my mother had four boys, we were told early in life that alcohol was dangerous. To be honest, I drank a beer occasionally, I don’t know why I did. It’s just that one of your friends said it’s all right, it’s just one beer. I found I didn’t like it, but everyone else was drinking it. I bent to the will of the big kids.

Nowadays our kids are faced with so many obstacles. Just watching them grow up sends chills down my back. This is not marijuana or beer or any other intoxicates, this is death. Now we have to add death by pills. Let’s not forget who decides to let these pills get here.

Well folks, there it is… I was explaining to Lorraine how hard I have to concentrate to make my column worth reading, and she asked when I was going to start…

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