KING CITY – The King City Police Department is looking for a “hero” to step up and provide information on the murder of 31-year-old Hipolito Cruz Carreno.
Carreno arrived in King City about 15 years ago from Ensenada, Mexico. Carreno was married and the father of two daughters. He was active in his church ministry and was a counselor for Alcoholics Anonymous. Carreno was employed by Rava Ranches.
“I spoke to personnel at Rava Ranches and he was just going about his daily tasks with his family,” Detective Allen Rowe said. “They went to dinner with relatives prior to the shooting. They went to a local store to get a cable connection so the young girls could watch TV, and as they pulled up in front of their house a monster or monsters decided to end his life.”
The shooting occurred on the 100 block of North San Lorenzo Avenue at 7:54 p.m.
Carreno was shot inside a vehicle with his wife and two daughters also in the vehicle. He died on the scene.
 Carreno’s wife suffered fragmentation injuries and was transported to Mee Memorial Hospital. Carreno’s daughters, 6 and 10, were not injured.
“No motive for this crime has been determined and at this time the investigation is continued,” Chief Robert Masterson said. “Multiple rounds were fired in this incident as there have been in past incidents. This is a tragedy however it could have been an even worse tragedy had those children been struck.”

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