You know who is going to get my vote for mayor or governor or even president next? I’m going to vote for whoever promises that no matter what happens, that is, even if they have to change political parties, they will absolutely positively without a doubt fix our roads. I remember when Dwight Eisenhower, our 34th president, was in office. He was president from 1953 to 1961. He was also our last five-star general. In that position he led the greatest armada ever to be seen on this earth. He effectively ended World War II in Europe. The cost must have haunted him for many years, but he was very good at what he did and he did it.

After the war he came home and the Republican Party bowed down and asked him to run for the presidency. He did and was elected. He was a little headstrong for the political party, but he left a pretty good impression on the country. He is the man who warned us not to ignore the military, industrial complex. His words still ring true. Particularly to the thousands of parents who have watched their children go off to some foreign land and useless war and die.

I will say that as a commander he noted what won the war and what losses were incurred. He knew the world was changing and he saw we were driving around the United States on old bumpy outdated roads. So he used his political power and had the United States crisscrossed with interstate highways. Those highways are now getting bumpy and almost impassable during any sort of emergency. Have you seen any of the photos of people running from some catastrophe or storm? Anyway, that’s who will get my vote.

I have good reason to write these words. I just returned from Chico, where my youngest heir is finishing up what seems the most expensive educational program ever invented. The roads were packed bumper to bumper almost the entire time we were on the road. It’s a good thing he is really learning about farming science and business. This kid has his future mapped out at a much earlier time than anyone I have ever met. He belongs to an agricultural fraternity and has really enjoyed all the kids he has met. They have indeed become like brothers to him. I was so happy to have parents and students come up to me and tell me how wonderful he is to everyone. He is a really good man.

Anyway, I went up there as I have every year he has been there for the annual fundraiser for his fraternity. They call it the Spring Fling. This one was almost perfect. I say perfect because it is usually very hot or cold and the temps were perfect this year. The band played great old-time rock and roll and my bride was looking lovely as usual. I say almost because I have noticed another thrill that comes with growing older. I can’t dance every dance, I can’t drink all the liquor and I can’t get up as early as I used to after an evening of pomp and party. The Spring Fling netted the Fraternity about $11,000 this year and did it while almost everyone was having a good time.

After we have attended this party a couple times you get to thinking those other kids are pretty cool too. They become like absentee children to us. We may not see them often, but when we do they always hug us and thank us so profusely for coming up. They are all a great group of kids (OK, men!) and I foresee a great future for all of them.

I’m writing this just after we returned home and what with the party and the traffic I am a little more tired than I was last year, but the memories will be with me forever. I hope you have had a great weekend and that you have made some good memories too.

God Bless.


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