GRIN/GRIPE: The city council meeting was about marijuana and rulings and location and sales. Most there went away happy with the council. Well, most but not all. Neil Saul is a Vietnam veteran and he stood up to say as a veteran he was against drugs. The results have not been good for the veterans he had served with. He also remembers the backs turned on them when returning home.

GRIN/GRIPE: Mayor Pro-Tem Victoria suggested a letter of support for our community would be helpful regrading ICE. A statement to our community members that we are elected to represent everybody, though some may disagree. After all, the farm workers are the backbone of our city. I agree.

GRIN: Councilwoman Darlene Acosta requested help in funding an upcoming convention to be held in Marina. Domestic Violence Coordinating Council of Monterey County is scheduled to be held Oct. 15. She hopes it can be made available to other agencies, police, medical profession, social workers and related fields. The topic is strangulation prevention, and Gail Streak as speaker will come from a training institute on prevention in San Diego. It is more common than known, as 130 reported here between 2015 and 2016 in King City.

GRIN: It’s a new day and King City wants to be on the front line connecting cannabis and marketing. Most attended were from out of town and interested in permits. What are needed were medical cannabis nurseries, manufacturing and testing. Time to get busy growing and producing at the East Ranch Business Park. Remember we wanted to first with BYOB, or bring your own bags? Councilman Cullen wants beginning producing before everyone does.

GRIN: Off to try “The Kitchen,” Tina Lopez’s new venture. Strawberries were my focus and with ice cream sundaes in mind. Yum! Also there was a lady and she helped saving my walking from tent to tent and ordering dinner to take home. I was able to do both. To catch up and visit with folks as well enjoy music, there were tables and chairs waiting so to wind down from a work day. To return on Wednesdays is now a must.

GRIPE: I know it is too late and sorry to tell you about my gifts for Father’s Day found from Sol Treasures. Our local Craftsman Peter Giudici makes pieces for his family, and one-of-a-kind wonderful bowls. Made from an abandoned orchard, stumps or wood from wildfires, into a beautiful gift bowl. It has a history of its own, and I placed walnuts, and a nutcracker, and a book in it. Janice Gilbertson is a local author, and next week I will tell you how it was received.

GRIPE/GRIN: Received from Wes Beebe is a drawing and the owner’s update at 312 Broadway. Applying for permits this building is about to receive a face lift, as Wes has been called into action. Encouraging because Kasey’s Fitness Academy has just been remodeled across the street. Open and classes are available and ones at 423 Broadway. Look at the city’s new lights and colorful banners that have already made the difference.    

GRIN: More about Broadway, where recently there is a new look at both places and activities for all. Ready to sign up for Sol Treasurer’s summer programs and classes in art and performance camps. A Summer Reading Program is on at King City Library. So look around the next time you hear “I have nothing to do!”

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