The other day while I was cruising along, at about 70 miles per hour, I got to thinking. We sure are lucky to be alive. I see the trucks racing each other either to the field or from it. I see cars flying by in the left lane. The passing lane? No one uses it for that anymore.

Back when I had to take the boys to school I would be in the left lane going about 70 and there would always be someone in a real hurry who would pass me on the right and then jump back in front of me and slam on their brakes, all to get one car length ahead. We are all going about as fast as the raggedy old highway will allow and most of the time we get where we are going. I saw a lot more accidents when I took them to school every day.

I tried to teach the boys what inertia was all about. When you are driving a 2,000-pound car at 70 miles an hour, it doesn’t matter how good your brakes are, it still takes a lot of time to stop. I don’t think I made any headway with them. I know my dad tried to teach me and I didn’t listen back then. Now I always keep a good distance between me and the car in front, but someone in more of a hurry will pass on the left and jump into my lane. It is a small miracle that we don’t have more accidents. Maybe Gov. Brown will use that extra $.16 to get the roads fixed. I actually read where the politicians have already figured out a way to use the money for something else. They have cut the pie into three pieces and figured out a way to use it for something other than the intended use.

Big news this week! My older son will be photographed walking the stage at the graduation at CSUMB. It has been a long journey and I’m sure glad it’s almost over. He has really grown up and we are both looking forward to his next adventure. Like a lot of folks he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do. I was the same way. When I was his age I had pretty much made the military a career but I didn’t consciously do so. It was just pretty easy to go with the flow. He had talked to me and his mom about going in to the military. It was one for and one against. He doesn’t think that is the route for him now, so a new adventure begins.

I can’t mention one son without the other. I may have mentioned his plan up at Chico. He will graduate next year (whew!). He is taking ag business and wants to be a PCA. He has taken all the classes but wants to be certified at college to get his credentials for controlling pests. This guy is driven and I know no matter what he decides to do he’ll be OK.

I’m writing this on Saturday because we are going up to my wonderful daughter’s house in Discovery Bay. It’s Mother’s Day you see. When both of the boys were in college in Chico, My Angel and her mother would make a weekend out of it and go up to see the boys. There were always young men up there whose mothers could not make it so they adopted Lorraine for the day. She and her mother were always the belles of the ball. I’ll see if I can make her feel as good this year.

Memorial Day is coming up and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the ceremony that is held at the cemetery sponsored by the American Legion Post 81. All the men and women of the military who are no longer with us and buried at the cemetery will be remembered by calling out their name. You must go this year because this will be the last time they call out all the names. After this it will just be the new names that will be called. Although it is nice, do not wish anyone a “Happy Memorial Day.” If you know a veteran just say, “Thank you.”

I’ll say thank you to all that read my scribbling. It is so nice when someone mentions my column to me. I’m sure the other regulars on this page feel the same way. Thank you and I hope your Mother’s Day is filled with making memories. God Bless.

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