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Shotakan students from Carrillo’s Karate Studios earned their black belts on Nov. 18 in Milpitas. Participating in the event were, front row from left: Jonathan Picazo (Nidan); Alex Alcaraz (Shodan); Joseph Rivas (Nidan); Diego Madrid (Shodan); Alan Alcaraz (Shodan); Yaritzy Ramirez (Shodan); Shihan Funakoshi. Back row, from left: Daisy Picazo (Nidan); Gabriel Maganon (Shodan); Sensei Kyle Funakoshi, Jose Picazo (Nidan); Jose Luis Correa Jr. (Shodan).


MILPITAS — Students from Carrillo’s Karate Studios in Greenfield and King City earned 1st degree and 2nd degree black belts respectively on Nov. 18 in Milpitas at the Funakoshi Shotakan Studios.

“The students performed in katas, an exercise consisting of the specific movements of a martial art,” said Sensei Olga Ramirez. “The pattern prescribed for defending oneself against several. It was a job well done by the students of Carrillo’s Karate from Greenfield and King City. The young kids and an adult took their black 1st degree and some were going for the 2nd degree black belt.”

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