SOUTH COUNTY — Greenfield High School quarterback Andy Hernandez was voted the Back of the Year of the Mission Trail Athletic League Division. Hernandez, a senior exhibited his versatility on the field gaining over 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards passing for the season.

Joining Hernandez on the Coastal offense first-team were his Bruin teammate Andy Espinosa as a tight end, Gonzales guard Pablo Villasenor, and Payton Flores of Gonzales who made the team as wide receiver.

Rounding out the first-team offense were: Fermin Gabot, running back (Marina); Carson Cuzick, running back (St. Francis); Carlos Mercado, tackle (Soquel); Izzy Guizar, tackle (Marina); Kefu Leander, guard (Marina); Johnny Ceballos, center (St. Francis); Ernie Guevara, wide receiver (Marina); Jackson Dudek, wide receiver (Soquel).

Villasenor was a two-way All-League player as he was chosen to defense first-team. Other South County defense first-team players were: Seth Mays, linebacker (Gonzales); and Jesus Compean, linebacker (Greenfield).

First-team defense included: Cory Parker, defensive end (St. Francis); Kefu Leander, defensive tackle (Marina); Joshua Kovacs, linebacker (St. Francis); Alonzo Rodriguez, linebacker (Santa Cruz); Andrew Perez, linebacker (Marina); Andrew Seymour, linebacker (St. Francis); Will Leander, cornerback (Marina); Anthony Karagiannopoulos, safety (Santa Cruz);
Joseph Ramirez, safety (St. Francis); Grace Schiebel, kicker/punter (Santa Cruz).

Individual awards were presented to Fermin Gabot (Offensive Player of the Year); Joshua Kovacs (Defensive Player of the Year); Kefu Leander (Lineman of the Year); Rogue Belizio Sportsmanship Award, Ben Williams of Santa Cruz and Bailey Schantz of Harbor. Vernon Calhoun of Marina was chosen as Coach of the Year.

The second-team offense selections were: Bailey Schantz, quarterback (Harbor); Devin McLeod, running back (St. Francis); Nolan Maas, running back (Soquel); Henry Campion, wide receiver (Santa Cruz); Brayan Ceballos, wide receiver (Greenfield); Giovanny Garcia, wide receiver (Gonzales); Ronnie Paterson, tight end (Marina); Ethan LoBue, tackle (St. Francis); Daniel Espinosa, tackle (Greenfield); Rene Aguilera, guard (St. Francis); William Enriquez, guard (Greenfield); Erick Becerril, center (Santa Cruz.

The second-team defense selections were: Carson Cuzick, defensive end (St. Francis); Ryan Ezquivias, defensive end (Marina); Demetrius Gallegos, defensive tackle (Santa Cruz); Ricky Parra, defensive tackle (Santa Cruz); Bailey Schantz, linebacker (Harbor); Andy O’Rourke, linebacker (St. Francis); Johan Mendoza, linebacker (linebacker); Ronnie Paterson, linebacker (Marina); Lucas Bredy, cornerback (Soquel); Dante Dorsey, cornerback (Santa Cruz); LJ Richardson, safety (Greenfield; Ernie Guevara, safety (Marina); Adrian Flores, kicker/punter (Santa Cruz).

Receiving honorable mention were: Raul Morales, quarterback (Gonzales); Abe Soriano, quarterback (Santa Cruz); Joseph Clouse, wide receiver (Harbor); Dominic Emery, wide receiver (Gonzales); Dean Shimel, wide receiver (Santa Cruz); David Blanke, tight end (Soquel); Cory Parker, tight end (St. Francis); Chris Espinosa, offensive lineman (Greenfield); Anthony Rivas, offensive line (Harbor); Ben Williams, offensive line (Santa Cruz).

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