To the Editor:

The Oct. 7 mass slaughter of 1,100 Israeli civilians by 3,000 Hamas gunmen in Israel shocked part of the civilized world. Even more macabre was the kidnapping and rape of 300 other Israeli civilians. 

Most Americans recognize Israel’s right for self-defense. And also, the obligation of the elected leaders to stop these murderers from kidnapping their children.

As the Israeli Army goes after the Hamas terrorists they first issued — broadcast to all the population in Gaza to move away from the war zone.

Only our military and the Israeli military made this effort to avoid hurting civilians. The Hamas does the opposite. Because the Hamas use the people and families as human shields as they build the entrance to their tunnels inside the homes of families; they are directly responsible for the deaths of the civilians of Gaza.

Again and again the Israeli military put themselves at risk to avoid harming civilians.

Some of the international press paints the Israelis as responsible for the deaths of the civilians. This is part of the antisemitic fury that has targeted Jewish synagogues, stores and especially children.

J.J. Burnes
King City

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