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Curtis and Mary Carroll (from left) and Judy and Frank Berti are recognized by Pastor Ken Reese at First Baptist Church of King City. Curtis Carroll and Frank Berti were each honored with the new title, Deacon Emeritus. (Contributed)

KING CITY — First Baptist Church of King City recognized Curtis Carroll and Frank Berti on Feb. 25, honoring each with the new title, Deacon Emeritus.

These two men have served the church and community faithfully for many years. 

Carroll was ordained at the church in November 1970. Berti was ordained at a church in Paso Robles but assumed his duties at First Baptist when he and his wife, Judy, moved to this area and joined the church. Carroll’s wife, Mary, is a charter member from the origin of First Baptist Church.

The title, Deacon Emeritus, is not a retirement but a recognition of long service and the need to “shift gears” in ministry, serving as strength and opportunity allows.

Through the years, these two men have served and assisted in the ordinances (baptism and communion). They have helped in many ways when the church was occasionally without a pastor.

At the same time, the church has called two men to begin orientation and preparation to assume roles as deacons. The two men selected are Kent Robinson and Jason Ross.

These two will spend time training with the Pastor and the other two deacons. An apt description of these two would be Deacons in Training. Following that time, the men will experience an important passage known as ordination.

During this time, the church will also consider the needs of a 21st century church. The ministry of deacons began in the book of Acts, chapter 6. The early church was growing and experiencing “pinch points.”

First Baptist Church will spend this period of time identifying the modern pinch points, real needs of the congregation and community. The deacons will also serve to support Pastor Ken Reese and his wife. The Reeses have served the church since 2012.

Recently, Reese became the longest tenured pastor in the church’s 71-year history.

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