To the Editor:

Thank you Rustler columnist Steve Wilson for using your platform to examine the pressing issues facing us in real time. Your words of March 27, in the middle of what Christians across the world celebrate as Holy Week, remind us that all faiths urge their followers to love one another.

The hate manifested in the words and actions of so many around immigration, a process that has grown and strengthened this country for centuries, is frightening. Steve calls it out for what it is, a huge grift aimed at extending the power of some by scapegoating others.

May those caught up in the grift be reminded that, unlike their grifter-in-chief, the leader whom many say they follow gave his life that others might live more abundantly. As we celebrate that example, may we all reach into our hearts for the love that releases fear and hatred of those who suffer unimaginable, especially at this season of the year.

Susan Raycraft

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