KING CITY – Security cameras will soon grace the streets of King City as a result of the recent violent crime uptick and a city council vote on Feb. 28.
“One of the key recommendations of the comprehensive plan to end youth violence is installation of an extensive security camera system throughout the city,” City Manager Steve Adams said. “Staff has been working very hard to apply for grants and develop creative funding solutions to generate the revenues needed to accomplish this goal.”
The city received two proposals for the design of the citywide security camera system, and SurveillanceGRID Integration Inc. was approved for the contract with a bid of $435,000.
According to Adams, the company’s bid was the less expensive of the two options and has the most experience working with police departments. City staff also liked the design of the camera system.
The citywide security camera system includes 33 cameras, and will be set up in two phases. The first phase will include 21 in downtown, high traffic areas and high crime areas…..

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