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Do you have a favorite TV channel? I have just about given up on the major stations and news from anyone. I happen to like the Fox channel. I started watching Fox back when Bill O’Reilly was on and then he got kicked off for some stupid stuff he pulled concerning women. However, I had already got disgusted with the network channels, so I just kept watching Fox. Now Fox has been trying out different men and women in the time slot just before the time that O’Reilly used to have. 

There have been newscasters and others, but they are trying out a new unemployed congressman from South Carolina named Trey Gowdy. This is not a commercial for the channel just an explanation of why I wrote this discourse. This new guy is one of the better decisions Fox has made. He is very smart, and being from South Carolina he has the southern drawl that sort of pulls you in. 

Mr. Gowdy was a frequent guest during the last election and I was very impressed by his segment and his demeanor. He never seemed to degrade or try to make anyone look particularly bad even as a guest. Now that he is a regular, I really like watching. He ends his segment on Fox by talking about things that are close to my heart; essays about his mother and women in particular in the most respectful way. He almost always brings a tear to my eyes. 

He had one segment the other day on, “What will be your legacy?” This was particularly poignant on the day I watched. We have, in South County, lost some wonderful folks to this terrible import from the East. They were part of the pioneers of this valley and they brought their talent and their families to our little part of heaven and they all left a particular legacy for all of us to see; families that had been here before I was born and some who had only been here for two or three generations. 

Mr. Gowdy touched me with the segment on leaving a legacy in a meaningful way. I am one of four brothers. My oldest brother, who was a Marine, has gone to his reward. My next older brother was also a Marine. Or, as they say about Marines, “Once a Marine always a Marine.” So I guess you could say he is still a marine. They both served honorably and were very influential in my decision about joining the Army. They didn’t want me to be a Marine. They wanted me to become a paratrooper because the pay was better. I guess you could say, along with their children, I am also part of their legacy.

They were both heroes to me and I was happy to join the Army on their recommendation. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. They made sure I was never hurt by someone bigger than me while growing up and did all they could to care for the clothing they knew I would inherent when it no longer fit them. There are no children from any of my three brothers. 

When my daughter was born, I didn’t think of any legacy. I was so happy to see her smile and she became my best friend. She and I shared so many wonderful adventures that I honestly never even thought about legacy children in my family. If Tara were to be my legacy, then I will feel as though I have done well with what God has graced me with. However, there is more. When Tara was 4 years old, I met the greatest gift God has graced me. With God’s blessings, we have brought two wonderful boys to carry on the name. 

They, Tara, Austin and Reed, are my legacy. Is there something I’m missing? Are there others who have no children who leave a wonderful legacy for the world? 

As I was writing this, a terrible tragedy was played out just next door. The wife of one of the nicest guys I have ever met came over while I was cleaning out my son’s truck to tell me her husband had passed while being treated for Covid-19. He was in a hospital in Stanford. I won’t get technical about how it happened, but I will say it is very possible that if he had been watched a little closer, he would still be with us. If it sounds like I am furious, it is because I am. You don’t think that going to the hospital will cost you your life. 

He was a wonderful man, father, grandfather and friend who had just retired from a long career in produce when he was stricken by this darn virus. He and his beautiful wife had made so many plans for when he was better. I watched his children and then their children grow up to be wonderful additions to our community.

He always had a smile on his face and never failed to tell me what was going on in his life. He leaves a wonderful legacy. If you had ever met him, you would know why my heart is broken.

God Bless.

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