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Have you heard the news? We have gained a new state. Yeah, I know you didn’t know of that because it just hasn’t been made clear to you. Oh, I’m sure you have been watching our leaders as they hand over OUR tax money to a foreign leader with no guarantee that he will use that money for any improvement in our country or even his country for that matter. 

The latest count of funds handed over to a former TV star in the country of Ukraine is $200 billon. That number looks like this $200,000,000,000.

That’s our tax money, yet we get nothing. This absurd amount of money is not doing anything good for us. He is furnishing weapons to our stated enemy, Russia. Putin, a paranoid former Kremlin spy, is getting a little more paranoid. I don’t know how long he will allow the United States to furnish arms and supplies to Ukraine. 

Whatever the time frame is, remember that the Soviet Union is the only country in the world that has more nuclear weapons than the United States. Although I’m not sure he would use them, I also don’t want to be around here when he does get mad. Our leaders are sitting on their hands while corruption is being built in Ukraine.

If by this time you haven’t decided to put the paper down, allow me to point out the other time this has happened in my lifetime.

Our 35th President Kennedy was the architect of a dark period of our country. However, he didn’t have any skin in the game. He just wanted to be a Wartime President. That is a malady that is seen in many of our Presidents. Something about that title seems — to the residents of Washington legislatures — like it is a guarantee of immortality. 

While it is true that many men who are elected during wartime are usually memorialized for their leadership, more have been shown that they have no ability to fight a war or run a country that is engaged in conflict. Of course, it’s easier to claim they are magnificent warriors after the fact.

The guy we have staying at the White house now has never shown any leadership. He spent 50 years in Washington and he doesn’t even have a building named after him. Perhaps his first action upon being elected was the worst action I have ever seen in an elected official, and I’m getting old so I have seen a lot of stupid things coming out of Washington. He canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline, which presented us with the most least expensive oil ever seen in the United States. He wanted everyone to buy an electric car. Of course someone in his cabinet must have told him that not everyone can afford an electric car, but that didn’t stop him. He gave us a few hundred dollars and thumbed his nose at us. 

It wasn’t too long after that he decided to start telling us we had to get ready to go electric — 100% electric. Being an East Coast toady, he must not realize that we can’t even run our air conditioners or mow our lawns in the summer. This last thing might be a little blessing because I have a gas mower, and as I live in some of the most productive fields in the country, I now have to mow it twice every week. I’m afraid to buy a battery driven mower as the batteries will probably cost an arm and leg or even refused at our waste site. Nobody has told him that the batteries are much more toxic than a couple of dollars of gas.  

Then he decided that he would show us how powerful he is by having his toady (Newsom) tell us that he will have forced us to pay about $500 per month for our heat. How prescient that was. I do not look forward to the summer when I might want to turn on the air conditioner. I have loved paying that much for heat. How about you? After Newsom sent us a few bucks to help pay for the electric bill or more than that for the batteries, we are told that we are in for an expensive summer. 

Biden, like a lot of our Presidents, feel they have to be a wartime leader to make the history books. He wanted to be a Wartime President. He came pretty close when he decided to make an arbitrary move and pull our troops out of Afghanistan. He honestly feels that he was playing soldier and couldn’t see how all the folks were shot. I want to point out that this is not the first time this has happened. Biden believes the United States is an empire, and I think he sees himself as the only leader that can win any confrontation.

He is totally against the power of Congress, and even though he spent most all of his time in Washington, he abhors the power of the many. He feels he is the only “tough on crime” President that has been elected in many years. His time in Washington is illustrative of his inability to do the simple things. 

His older son Beau died of a brain aneurism, although Biden seldom mentions this, even as he says that Beau was killed in combat. His younger son Hunter is not a veteran and has never served his country. His father used his position to allow Hunter to become an officer in the U.S. Navy, yet was thrown out of the Navy upon arriving at his first duty station because of a drug test that found cocaine in his bloodstream.

As President Obama, who was President when Biden was Vice President, said so eloquently, “If you want something totally messed up, call on Biden.”

God Bless.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this column are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper or its staff.

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