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I’ve heard it said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, that’s the very first thing I thought of when I heard that the Dad Gum Govmint was going to have us wear a mask again. I just had to point out the fallacy of that move. There are volumes of information that tell us the masks don’t work all that well. They actually harm the children. That’s not my guess.

Everywhere we go the proof can be found, often by another organization working that keeps trying the same thing over again and hoping that the results will be different. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is doing the same experience thing over again and I’m sure they will be surprised when the results turn out to be the same as the first experience. Terrible.

I heard last night that ALL school children would have to wear a mask to school. I wonder if they will find that sitting in front of a computer screen will not do as well as simply studying or having a professional teacher explain their inquiries. I know, I wasn’t going to get down on our elected representatives in Washington anymore, but they just keep doing these stupid things. It isn’t like we don’t have a good grip on our children’s education. One of the reasons for students to have a summer vacation from school is to allow them to decompress and get ready to do it all over again.

Just about everything we do is for our children. Parents will go hungry as long as they know their children are getting the best we have to offer. So some doctorate candidate can sit around and find ways to keep the kids from learning. I really hate to point this out, but most of the decisions concerning our children seem to come from the White House and not a medical organization. It’s not as though they don’t have a grip on medical organizations either. The CDC works for the Congress and the White House. They have some great ammunition to protect us. They just don’t want to be the ones who pull the trigger. There are 12 committees that get together to make the decision as to what they will tell the people of whom they work. Under those 12, there are 19 sub-committees that also muddy the water.

You know, coming up with something to write in my weekly scribbling that may be of interest to the reader is not as easy as I make it look. This week I wanted to tell you about the wonderful dinner we had the other night when my sons came over to give their approval of Lorraine’s meatloaf. (It was well received.)

As I have grown a little older, I try not to do things that will leave a mark on my tired old body, and my love had decided that she wanted to re-do the laundry room. That meant the washer and dryer had to be moved and she wanted the dryer off the pedestal on which it set to dry our clothes. That may have sounded a little easier than it was.

Since I had been crying into my beer at the table about how much muscle mass I have lost, my sons decided to do the right thing and do those very difficult tasks. I had also told them there wasn’t enough meatloaf for them to take home unless I give up my share. They took this threat very seriously and when they looked over to Lorraine with tears in their eyes, my lovely bride said very firmly that what food she makes for them is her decision, and who decides whether they can take food from my table now that they are both working is my decision. 

You probably guessed that leaving the house with the aroma of meat in their nostrils and the taste of the sauce on their tongue they stumbled a little and told me, “Don’t worry, Dad, we’ll get it done.” I wish this periodical could show the video that I made of them working together. Reed was lying under the dryer and Austin was lying on top of him. It was pretty funny as they argued who was going to get out that last screw.

Of course, they hadn’t got the correct size socket to take out the screw. It was a tiny little thing that made some engineer laugh as he designed the dryer to be difficult to move. Austin, who is not quite the mechanic as Reed, said with distain, “I’ll get it.” Meaning he would go out to the garage and sort through my socket drawer and get the right socket.

That cracked up every listener of this drama. It even brought a hearty laugh from the onlookers. Especially me. (It was better than a comedy show.) I could not believe he even knew where the sockets were stored. While we were all still giggling a little, he walked back in. “Got it on the first grab,” he said with a smile. That joke brought down the house.

As they are both very busy with their careers, we don’t get them over as often as we would like, but sometimes a dinner like this lasts a long time. My mother-in-law Nelda, who emigrated here from Switzerland a few years ago, is getting a new education. From the words she hears to the males walking around in their BVDs, it lights up her eyes when we say the boys are coming over. Shoot! Lorraine and I light up too.

God Bless.

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