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As I get older, I find myself forgetting even the simplest of things. Do you ever have that problem? I guess it is like everything else. I just have to get used to the idea that I am not Superman. Oh! There was a time when I thought there was a little blood shared between me and Clark Kent. But as time goes by, I can tell that it was wishes not fact.

This is the month of May you know. This is the month when we pay homage to those who are no longer with us and give them credit for making this world worth living in.

I always mention that we have lost the last few wars, where we have allowed the goblins to be a better finisher. I see that our “leader” is giving more guns and ammo to the Ukrainian people. This is not a bad idea. Let those who live in dangerous places take care of themselves and we don’t have to send our precious children to die for some obscure reason. Besides, giving weapons to our friends is OK, but it will make sure that they are debtors to us, and debtor nations are dangerous.

I don’t know why the geniuses left half of all our weapons in some dusty cold corner of the world, where they will be held until the goblins can figure out a way to get them back to us and make us pay for them. Remember, you can pay for things in lives as well as money.

There are lots of things happening in our little town. We kicked off the month by celebrating Cinco de Mayo in our little town park. Music was heard and the children were laughing. It seems like any day can be fun as long as children are laughing.

On a more serious note, we will be at the Gonzales Cemetery again this year to place flags upon the graves of all the men and women who gave everything they had to make sure that their children were safe and had a chance to live a life that doesn’t require their blood. The American Legion will again be selling tickets for the great chicken barbecue and the best bread and beans in the area. If you haven’t been asked to buy a ticket, you can be sure you can buy one from any American Legion or Auxiliary member.

I suppose that I have written about my old Ford F-100 pickup more times than you like to read about, but it’s the one thing that my kids argue about. “Who gets the pickup, daddy?” are words that I have heard more than once. I love all my kids and I wish I could give it to all of them, but that would be a terrible mistake. I just tell them that they will have to be nice to their mom. 

It is getting ready to make its debut again with improved everything. New tires, new gas tanks, new lights, new interior and improved mileage, as I am putting fuel injectors for the dual carburetors. I actually bought one wayyy back in time. I put it in myself but never could get it to run the way I wanted. I took it back to the parts store where I bought it and got all my money back. For some reason, I don’t think that would happen today. If it could happen again, I think our politicians would figure a way to make you pay more. I’ll let you know how this model injector works after I get it installed.

You know, I mention the American Legion quite a bit in our little town. I should tell you that these folks go above and beyond what would be expected. The barbecue I mentioned? They have done it for years, but as you all know the past couple of years have been put on hold, but not 2022. 

This group is dedicated to the betterment of our town and especially to our youth. There are a lot of programs that the American Legion has for the youth of our country. A lot of areas are covered where a young man or woman can learn so much about this great country we call home. There are also lots of things happening that just make you feel good for participating.

Did you know we go to the cemetery on Memorial Day, and part of that is where we give a 21-gun salute to the fallen comrades buried in our cemetery? I am the leader of that firing squad and I am always looking for more shooters. I will show you the weapon we use and tell you why it saved us from our enemies during the Second World War. You will be taught everything you need to know to fire this weapon on Memorial Day, and I’ll be very truthful when I tell you how good it makes you feel when you render this salute to those who have gone before us.

My phone is listed, so you can ask Siri or call the newspaper and give them a number where I can reach you and I’ll make sure you enjoy the day. It is something you can tell your children about. That’s it for this week. Between trying to get my lawn cut, my wife’s car washed and my pickup finished, I think I have said all I can. 

Please remember our fallen comrades and how difficult it was for so many to come to our country. I don’t need to ask if you love this country. Because if you don’t, it’s because you have not lived in another place where you are given so much freedom and asked for little. We are ALL Americans, and someone has to pay for this freedom. On Monday, the 30th, the flags will be flying, and the day will be fine, trust me.

God Bless.

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