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Hello! How was your week? I found that there is way too much reporting about the war. What war? Yeah, that’s my opinion also. I guess if we are not to get into the mess that’s occurring over in Eastern Europe, there’s not much that can be written about it. 

Of course, the way Washington is dealing with everything there is no guarantee that we won’t be sending our children over there to settle things down. Maybe this time we can get out without losing any of our loved ones. I like watching TV, I just don’t like to see folks lose their homes and dying.

This is the first time in many years that Russia has been involved in a bullet-flying war. Russia was the big ugly bear after the Second World War. It wasn’t that the rest of the world was scared of them, it was just that they were the “savage” in the title of the book I will be referring to. 

It doesn’t seem although President Putin is having an easy time of getting to the folks that live in Ukraine. I think he believed that the citizens of that country are going to lie down and give up all their guns, I think he is wrong. I think he is going to have a very tough time getting his feet on the ground in Ukraine, but since I’m not paying any of the bills I doubt he is going to listen to me.

I read a book a few years ago, called “Savage Continent.” It was written by a fellow named Keith Lowe. It was very interesting but very graphic on what happened in Germany after the combatants laid down their arms and the war was over. The Germans were destroyed by all the bombing we were doing to the country and were, as most survivors of a war time normally are, starving. 

Just imagine the entire country of Germany with no government or supplies, and no government would come to their aid. After all, it was Germany that started the war and had done horrible things to their citizens and any other person that was not German. 

The book told of the refugees that survived the war, walking hundreds of miles trying to find any food or shelter. Very graphic stories of thousands with no one to protect them. They were killing themselves as well as anyone they came in contact with for something to eat. I have never been in such a situation, but reading the book changed my mind about warfare and the results of losing any battle no matter how small.

I’m afraid Putin has poked the hornet’s nest. I heard this morning that he alerted the teams on his nuclear weapons. That is one of the things that really alerts everyone. This guy must be crazy. He has no income for his country, as most countries have stopped using the only thing he can sell, and that’s oil. And no one seems willing to align themselves with his ideas. 

Yesterday the pundits on almost every channel were talking about how he is slowly losing his grip on reality. I don’t know about that, but it would seem to me if you are going to invade a country and try to assume the governance, that you would have a better plan. He has discovered that the Ukrainians are little different than the citizens of his country. Russia has a hard time taking care of their people, so I think Putin would have been better to just sell his oil and keep his mouth shut.

It has been many years since there was a real shooting war in Europe. I think that the people of Russia should try to talk to an older person and remember how much and how many were lost the last time they tried to rule the world, since their leader is shown to be crazy.

On the home front, I think things are getting better. Yesterday I went down to the American Legion building to lower the flag. Lorraine and I have been putting it up and taking it down for a couple of weeks since the flag pole has been repaired. While I was taking the flag down, I remembered that Lorraine wasn’t with me and I needed her to help me fold the flag. 

As I was unhooking the flag from the pole, I noticed these four young students walking down the street. As they were passing me, I asked if one would like to help me fold the flag. Of course, this raised a smile from all of them and the very pretty girl stepped up and said she didn’t know how to fold a flag. I told her it was easy and that we could do it together.

The other young students moved around a little as I showed the young lady how to hold her hands, and I also used that time to tell them a little about our flag and what it means to me. I was so impressed by the courtesy that was shown to me and the interest they showed in what I was saying about holding the flag in a certain way. I showed them the stars and stripes and why they are what they are.

I gave them my sincere gratitude, and I thought to myself as they walked on and I got into my car. Our town is in good hands. Of course, I usually think that after any interaction with the young folks of our town.

God Bless.

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