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Worthy to Print Column | Out of the Hurricane

Alas, Dear Reader! Here is hope that your waning days of the dog days of August are filled with light and laughter. As for me and my dependents, the sun doesn’t shine as bright as I would have hoped. I had spent long hours along with my most wonderful wife and made all the plans that would have guaranteed the last few days of this month to be filled with warmth and sunshine.

But noooo… the memories of anticipation will have to suffice until time and treasure allows. You see, my bride and I had sat down together and studied the dates and promises made by The Navigator of the Seas folks out of Los Angeles. The treasure that we guard so fervently was suffice for us to pack our shorts and T-shirts, place them by the door and hop out of bed today filled with anticipation of a seafaring adventure. It seemed we would scream if we heard one more lie uttered by the worst elected president this country has ever suffered under.

However, it will have to suffice that we won’t actually have to listen to anymore lies. Nature has a way of reminding us that we are always at the mercy of our Creator and His often whimsical grace that presents opportunity to just remember how much fun we can have with each other, even if we seem to be faced with insurmountable difficulties.

Our vacation clothing was all packed by the door and we found ourselves constantly smiling at the slightest glance at each other. Then there was a notification by the keepers of the keys to the gigantic boat that was to take us sailing up and down the western coast of our nation. A hurricane? My gosh, we haven’t had a hurricane on the California coast in such a long time that a query to the mini gods that forecast those warnings could not remember if such a warning had ever been issued. 

They did say it had been 84 years since the last tropical storm had been forecast. As a joke, they did name this disturbance “Hilary.” Of course, that reminded me of another liar that used to inhabit our nation’s capital. Does it seem like the Democrats are prepared for any disturbances?

In any case, all these coincidences were enough for me to follow all the forecasts concerning Hilary as I have seen what standing water can do to a speeding vehicle. My bride and I decided that if it were offered we would choose a refund instead of taking a chance by driving down to LA to catch a ride on our boat.

Of course, we would have to wait a couple of weeks before their antiquated computer system could find our name and the amount they should send to us. Ah, but it will be sent and then we can decide if it is better to use the money to take a tour of Idaho or Montana.

You see my bride has a tender equilibrium and there was no guarantee that her movements on a boat would be an issue. I tried to convince her that a huge boat wouldn’t roll or rock in the waves, but I did understand that once you get seasick you never want to suffer that again. Any disturbance of the natural gravity seems to bother her. I guess going to the moon is out of the question. But I digress…

So, there are no wondrous tales to regale you with. Besides, while we are at home I get my Cream of Wheat delivered to my chair as I try to fill the empty page in front of me with a series of strikes on the electronic keyboard that you will find interesting enough to read. Of course, you don’t have to read everything I write, and you can always wail and cry about anything I have written. This is called the Opinion page, and often enough that is what I write about, my opinion.

Oh! And when you have been around as long as I have, you have lots of opinions.

There may be times when I even write about things some folks like to read, but do not concern yourself about that. Read or no read, but I shall continue to pontificate about things that are near and dear to me. You take what is happening in our country’s Capitol. There are lots of folks that have witnessed the foolishness of those who feel they are greater than you or I because they have chosen to contribute nothing to the betterment of our country. As long as they can steal money, they feel they don’t have to work.

You may ask yourself, “What gives him the right to say these things?” I wouldn’t blame you, but I have seen, very close up, what results the terrible actions of these sycophants. People die or are terribly wounded because lies are told to the population. So say what you want, give your opinion, but do not begrudge another their opinion. Just maybe they have seen or done terrible things because someone told a lie that had costs beyond compare.

I was just told by the keeper of the keys that my daughter has made it her duty to plan a vacation for her mother and I. So out of the rain and weather come beautiful things.

God bless.

George Worthy
George Worthy
Gonzales columnist George Worthy may be reached at [email protected].


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