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Today as I sit down to put my thoughts to paper, I am very troubled, maybe even frightened. I speak of the current political situation in our nation’s capital. I don’t suppose I need to reiterate the situations that are occurring. All you have to do is turn on the electronic heroin and listen to the lies coming out of both houses of congress and especially the White House.

You all know that I am a conservative guy. I won’t make any excuse for that. I learned about politics at my father’s knee. Spending time in the service honed those thoughts. It was very confusing to watch what was happening to me and to the brave sons and daughters of America.

I never met a man who was drafted that enjoyed being pulled away from friends and family to fight in a war that nobody could figure out. Working in the Tactical Operations Center for the 101st Airborne Division, I got to see lots of orders and communication that others didn’t. It was sobering, even if it wasn’t addressed to me. 

The direction out of Washington, D.C., was truly baffling. The chairborne leaders in Washington refused to allow the war fighters to finish the so-called war and the bloodletting continued. Like now, the lies were abundant and the penalties were never paid. It is very scary when the premier law enforcement organization in the world is obeying orders that should never be given. The problems in Washington are affecting all of us.

I would say that the President is pulling some strange antics, but that would mean that I thought that he had the ability to do anything. For those of you that feel that he is spending too much money or hiring too many IRS agents, I need to tell you that the ideas coming from the White House are not originated in that same domicile. 

I don’t know if you remember when some newsman asked President Obama if he would run if he were allowed to hold the office beyond eight years. His response was that he wouldn’t want to run, but if he could find someone to be the front man he could run the country without all the messiness of reporters or committees. I believe that he has found his foil.

Our President was elected without the usual vetting procedure. That is, he stayed in his basement and failed to campaign for the office. Most folks felt that there was no problem with that, but that lack of discovery has doomed our nation to secondhand direction.

Most people did not begrudge him hiding in the basement. He had hung around the Capitol for the past 40 years as he held the post of senator for the state of Delaware. What was not known was his lack of leadership. I remember as if it were yesterday that he closed the pipeline from the oil rich state of North Dakota to the gulf state area for refining. I thought, he is cutting off a lot of oil that is needed to run the country. I guess he wasn’t impressed with my thoughts.

He then decided to pull out of Afghanistan. I thought this was a good idea, but he just decided to pull the troops out without a real plan. This led to chaos and the loss of 13 Marines who were killed trying to save as many Americans as possible. I won’t even try to guess how many Afghan people that were killed as they tried to get on the planes flying out troops and interpreters that were loyal to the Americans in that country. He also left behind about $300 million of first-class munitions and weapons.

As a former soldier, I can tell you that was the single worst thing he could have done, but again it wasn’t his idea but the powerful Oz who lived behind the curtain.

These weren’t the worst things he has done, but they get close. Seeing that gas was now being sold for over $5 a gallon, he then decided to give everyone a gift out of the National Treasury. Many thought that was a good idea until they found out that this move created inflation where everything sold was a few dollars more.

The latest shenanigan is the hiring of 85,000 (that is not a typo) more IRS agents to make sure you didn’t fail to put all the money you made last year so they could come after it. 

To be honest, I wasn’t upset at his forming a few battalions of agents. It has been said every year that more agents are needed. A thing that bothers me is that the new agents are told to carry a gun and to not be shy about using the gun to take a life if they feel threatened.

What bothers me more than anything is politicians that lie. I mean if ever the truth should be paramount is when a person who has power over you lies. One lie that sticks out more than any others is when President Biden walked out yesterday and said he wanted to share a number with us. Then he looked up and said, “Zero” inflation. The signal went back to the program I was watching and said inflation over the last period was 8.5%.  

As I write my pitiful problems I’m reminded of the serenity prayer that I learned as a child. “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” It may not make everything better, but saying it makes me feel better. Perhaps it should be required of our politicians.

God bless.

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