George Worthy
George Worthy

You know there are times in your life when bad things happen to you through the years that never leave you. Things that seem to never go away are forgotten when one finds love from his neighbors and family. I have to be honest. I sat down at the computer today with intentions of writing a story about something bad that happened to me years ago with bile and unhappiness.

This was long before I married the woman whose advice saved me from many foibles. Even when she is with me, the memories, if I’m not careful, happen to this day. She is the one who put my feet under me and encourages my writing as a way to stay sane. I am blessed to be with her and to have the daughter I have. A daughter who has loved me all her life, and the boys I worship who were not yet born.

There were others who didn’t much care, and that made my life very dark. But my family is what keeps me grounded. This was even before that woman saved me and certainly before many of you had a chance to know me and the life I lead today.

I had already written a few hundred words about how the government had done me wrong and what it meant to me over a period of years. I just couldn’t turn it into the paper. The memories were just too dark.

I am now in the twilight of my life, and I have given without hesitation when asked, to offer my life for this government and would do so again if asked. However, it has become difficult to ignore the lies coming from our elected representatives as more mistakes are made and lies told. It was started by the terrible time we are witnessing in the choosing of our next president. His statement, “It could happen to you!” hit me like a poke with a sharp stick. 

It’s true we honor our government, as we should, but there are times in our lives when the government is either too business or too uncaring about the people they govern. Mistakes are made or intimated by humans and humans make lots of mistakes. Perhaps an accusation is made by mistake, which is understandable, but when the accusation is false and the accusation remains, so many may be hurt either professionally or personally. In my opinion, it appears as though President Trump has been hurt.

You may not believe that statement about this latest trial that he suffered, but if you do, you may have forgotten all the false accusations of a Russian connection that he was shunned by. Not simple accusations but lies with a straight face by others who had the truth right in front of them and chose to lie to the public. By the way, one of those who shouted lies the loudest is running for senator in our state. Be careful whom you choose to represent you.

I was accused of a crime by our government without proof and by manipulating certain facts. I was found guilty of a crime I didn’t commit. It wasn’t a crime of shame or against another man. I was accused of a crime that sounded like so much more than even the government could claim. Their story was that I had committed a treasonable act. They said that even with explanations it would have been unlawful by almost anyone’s opinion. Yet no evidence was shown to the judge and there were no witnesses to confirm what the government presented.

I was asked to forgo a jury and to let the judge decide what happens to one who offered his life to the preservation of our leaders. One tends to flinch when asked to do so again. I pray that I am never put in the position of doubting our leaders, and that my children all grow up knowing that what we have is more than could be had in any other country.

One may be reading this and wonder why I am writing about something that happened so long ago. To one who follows a calendar I cannot present my case in a manner that satisfies their beliefs. They may be correct. Let sleeping dogs lie. Life isn’t like that. Once something is said it does not go away. It is forever present even when laughter and love goes astray. I won’t forget my detractors. Their beliefs are theirs forever.

When these things that I have written are read, one may doubt the words or the manner in which they are felt. I can’t say that writing of myself or another makes things better, but if it can take some of the darkness I will always try. My entire life has been a series of wonder and confusion. I have been given opportunities that were a mystery to me at the time and I could only remember the words of my father, “Cain’t never did nothin’,” for it is he who was the maker of my place in history. I am forever happy knowing he did not hear the word “Guilty” as said by the judge.

Many people know of the day that this happened, yet no one has ever asked if the words were true. I hope I have never hurt anyone with a harmful word. I will continue to be grateful for everyday that God has given me, which is why I wrote this.

The government of our country has decided that they can call someone a liar because they don’t agree with him, but they can’t look in a mirror without knowing who the liar is. God Bless President Trump! I have never read a lie by him but his detractors are legion. I will forever remember the child ditty, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” To me this is not true, for words are more powerful than any stick.

God Bless.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed within this column are solely the author’s and do not necessarily reflect those of the newspaper or its staff.)

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