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Another week in our beautiful town and another week closer to the election that will determine who is to lead our fair city for the next few years. I am a follower of all things political that is happening in our nation’s capitol. In fact, I try to follow the local actions of our politicians. 

With that in mind, I would like to discuss what is happening as far as I am concerned.

You might ask yourself what gives me the right to express my opinion about such things. In that case, I ask that you look at the top of this page where it says, “Opinion.” That means I am invited to express my opinion about anything, and so I shall.

Did you see the headlines on almost every news channel? In case you didn’t get any news cycle, I’ll sum it up. The U.S. Justice Department stated that they have enough information to indict the President’s son. Don’t hold your breath until they go ahead and indict him. He certainly will not be indicted until the next voting cycle is past. Having the information and acting upon it is not the same.

It appears that having information and acting upon it is not solely the duty of the Justice Department. They also have the right and power to just sit upon this information until all the votes are counted. Believe me this is not the only place where information is suppressed. It just happens to be in the hands of folks that the President appoints. If you had information that would hurt someone, would you give up your cushy job to turn that information over to the proper authorities?

We have folks in Gonzales who make assertions with absolutely no proof, only to be heard in the council chambers. Having been the recipient of the drivel that these folks spew, I can tell you they have no basis other than to stir the pot to make it stink. (My dad used to say this, but he didn’t use the word “pot.”) I cannot believe that these folks who instigate this garbage have any intention of improving our lives or exposing any crooked politico.    

We are going to have a chance to refute the drivel these folks make in the next election. If you are in doubt as to whom will get your “X,” I suggest you contact these candidates and ask for clarification. You will find that some are easier to contact than others. 

I have my favorite and would urge you to vote for that person because I can tell you a lot about what would be the most important thing you could ask as far as I am concerned, but then it would be my opinion and you should have your own opinion. I can tell you that honor would be the most important criteria an office holder could have. Then I would think that a person that wants to work for the city and the population of the city would have those two things at the top of their list.

But more important than asking the candidates or calling them up to discuss their thoughts on the best way for the direction of the city is to vote. If you decide that you are just too busy to vote, I don’t think anyone can help you. Voting is one of those things that should be at the top of a list of things they must do in order to get your endorsement and your recommendation.

The new council will have a lot of projects on their plate, but in my opinion there are some more important than others. Housing would be at the top of my requirements. Then we could talk about a new community center. I’m happy to report that the candidates’ information flyers that I have read point these same projects as their primary goals for the next council. The candidate flyers containing their priorities are being distributed to every citizen that is registered to vote in Gonzales. 

I think I might point out that all the candidates I will mention are running on their experience in other areas of the city government. You’ll find that almost every one has served on the planning commission or some other equally important volunteer post within the city. A lot of folks think that these jobs are not as important as the council. They would be wrong.

The mayor and council work for the citizens of the city. They didn’t get there by trying to prove they were popular. They run on experience and follow the recommendations of the various boards and commissions. They understand that even a town as small as Gonzales has to have a steady hand upon the tiller. 

Experience cannot be obtained by wishing. It is acquired by a desire to help. They get this doing the jobs that have to be done without the fanfare. Don’t be fooled by those whom have never worked in the trenches. Look to those who have paid with time to learn about our city and how it works.

So having my criteria for any post in our city, let me tell you my opinion of candidates and why I feel this way. 

First, it is my opinion that you should re-elect Lorraine Worthy for Gonzales City Council. There are so many reasons for this choice that I could fill the rest of the paper with my reasons, but let me tell you one thing about Lorraine I learned over the years. She never lies. Think about that. If you ever ask her a question and don’t like the answer, you can still be assured that what she says is the truth.

Then I ask that you fill the next two seats that are up for election by voting for Elizabeth Silva. She quite possibly knows more about Gonzales than any other candidate. You need to read what has happened while she has been on the dais helping to make decisions that have improved our city and our way of life.

Then I ask that you re-elect our mayor Jose Rios. This young man has honorably served upon every commission and city council within the City of Gonzales. His experience cannot be duplicated by any other person running. Do not be fooled by any carpet baggers.

So as to make certain that you know I have a desire to see our city continue to be recognized by the county and state as it has been in the near past, I ask that you vote for a “new guy.” Sean Schmidt is new to town, but has jumped in with both feet to pay his dues. He has volunteered to become a firefighter and spend time making sure we have the best protection against fires within our city. Since I can only recommend enough to fill the seats, let’s welcome Sean by giving him your vote. You won’t regret it.

God Bless.

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