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Warning signs remain at Lake San Antonio due to toxic algae

Lake San Antonio (Monterey County)

BRADLEY — Monterey County Public Works, Facilities and Parks is reminding the community and visitors that warning signs remain posted at Lake San Antonio due to toxic blue-green algae.

Early last month, water samples showed lake water contained cyanotoxins, toxins produced by blue-green algae. Follow-up testing was done by the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board on Sept. 28, and test results were received Oct. 13 indicating that the cyanotoxins remain.

While other recreation can continue around the lake, located west of Bradley in South Monterey County, visitors should follow these warnings: 

  • Stay out of the water until further notice;
  • Do not let pets and other animals drink or go into the water or go near the scum; 
  • Stay away from scum, and cloudy or discolored water; 
  • Do not eat fish or shellfish from this water; and
  • Do not use this water for drinking or cooking. Boiling or filtering will not make the water safe. 

For more information relating to harmful algae blooms, and information about what to do if advisory signs are posted, visit this link.