News-old: Remember the lights were bright on Broadway once upon a time? They are there now. I have seen pictures and asked Wes Beebe if this is not the case to bring more folks out at night and shed more light all around. With these new ones, a great deal of credit goes to the City Manager and staff.

New-news: Heard an update from Mee Memorial Hospital CEO Sue Childers, speaker at Republican Women luncheon. She spoke of strategic facts and strengthening health care services to provide excellent care, with a focus on recruitment and retention. In July, look to a new group for important services. Four new fulltime physicians are expected as are several family nurse practitioners over time from June to September. The hospital has a new pharmacy and plans expansion services at the Greenfield Clinic. Remember the trouble with debt in 2008? The liability has been reduced 46 percent, from $50 million to $27 million. Note a new roof is being replaced after 55 years. All in all, I came away pleased with her report as the hospital has become important for us.

New-news: Lawrence’s Restaurant is getting a facelift and I can’t wait to see if the theme that comes from the scene over the counter there since the original Keefer’s opening. From meeting and dining rooms there is work as the shades painted in colors of the Denmark scene are copied. Bare floors and planning is to help business improve. The motel filling up, and an upgrade with the fair just around the corner is a wise decision. 

New-news: Scholarship awards presented by Southern Monterey County Republican Women’s Organization President Karen Leonhard were given to King City High student Bret Wilkins and Greenfield High student Luz Andrea Perez-Ponce. They were given $1,000 awards to help with school choices. The Republicans also have taken a #10 booth in the Pavilion Building at the fair, and can pre- register 16- and 17-year-olds so when they turn 18, they will be able to vote and the paperwork has already been done. Why not plan to stop to visit?

News-old: In 1976 the True Value Hardware opened and has been here for 40 years. Now much later Chuck and Suzanne Krause are ready to take a well-deserved retirement. They both have been a big part of the community and active and generous and involved in all aspects of our city and were acknowledged by the city at the May 9 council meeting.

New-news: Seafood is served at the City Cafe, 223 Broadway, and called Mariscos El Camaron. I am told translation means seafood and shrimp. It is open every day from 10 a.m to 9 p.m. For meal planning, this one gives you lots of time. Shrimp is for me and fish for Rudy and meal was a take-home surprise, when fish came complete head and all. Next time we will ask before ordering, only who knew?

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