KING CITY — The City of King has more than doubled the security deposit fee for renting the Recreation Center — from $200 to now $500 — after multiple incidents over the past couple months resulted in noise violations and damages to the facility.

According to Recreation Coordinator Andrea Wasson, city staff proposed raising the security deposit to $500 for events involving food, beverages and/or music to “cover potential damage and to serve as incentive for renters to abide by the rules of the rental facility.”

In her report to the King City Council, which approved the increase at its July 11 meeting, Wasson said several rental issues have recently occurred at the Recreation Center. These problems include loud music and noise in violation of the city’s noise ordinance and damages caused by partygoers to the building and the pool facility, which closed for a day last month after glass bottles were thrown onto the pool deck.

Wasson said the purpose of the increase is to prevent future unnecessary city costs.

King City Recreation Center, located at 401 Division St., is available to rent for private and public events. Last year more than 25 weekend events took place at the facility. According to Wasson, the building has already been rented 16 times this year.

The security deposit will remain $200 for such activities as meetings and classes, which the city considers to be minimal risk for problems. All other events will be subject to the new fee amount.

Wasson said the Recreation Center’s security deposit is fully refundable as long as the renter abides by the rules in the rental agreement and sufficiently cleans the facility.

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