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Pinnacles National Park begins new sign-making operation

Trail Crew to update old signage

Roads, Trails and Transportation Supervisor Adam Leavy operates software on a laptop for Pinnacles National Park’s new sign-making machine on his right. (Reuven Bank/NPS)

SOLEDAD — Pinnacles National Park recently purchased and assembled a new sign-making machine, which will help the Pinnacles Trail Crew to update the park’s trail signage more efficiently.

“Anyone who has hiked along multiple trails in Pinnacles knows that proper signage is essential for ensuring visitors can safely navigate their intended routes through the park,” the park said in a social media post Feb. 25.

The computer-integrated sign-making machine currently sits on a large, square desk inside the Trails shop. The system can cut designs up to four inches deep — enough to carve out the body of an electric guitar — with the average small trail sign being completed within 20 to 30 minutes.

“This means that instead of externally sourcing our signage, the Pinnacles Trail Crew can now create and distribute signage in-house, saving time and money,” the park said.

The Trail Crew will be creating and installing a number of replacement signs throughout the park, initially targeting the South Wilderness Trail and the Old Pinnacles/Balconies Trails.

Pinnacles National Park is located about five miles east of Soledad on Highway 146.

Pinnacles National Park’s new sign-making machine is located inside the Trails shop. (Reuven Bank/NPS)