Old-news: Yes, the past. Attending city council meeting, Chuck and Suzanne Krause accepted the  presentation for 40 years as outstanding members of our community. Attending and new were two students with an assignment from the Hartnell political science class. Asked what they thought about their first time attending city hall, they said they enjoyed it. One student first learned about council by interviewing our Mayor Pro-Tem Carlos Victoria.

New-news: Performance of the actors in “Shrek,” the musical, in their makeup and costumes were just terrific. I can’t remember when I have been so entertained and surprised too. Not remembering the play, however, did not matter as the parts played by Donkey and Lord Farquaad were so funny. I am in wonder of the talent it took with a simple script and with their message of being different. I have yet to be disappointed with anything Sol Treasure produces, and I look forward to another production soon.

New-news: Here comes Sol Treasure’s latest exhibit “Celebrating Spring,” with floral artwork on until June 30. Creek-side Farms added their wreaths to the display and pieces of their history were shown in frames as they are advertised and seen in the many high-fashion magazines. Decorating your home or gift made from the farm for giving is easy. New baskets helped dress up the display in this gift shop.

Old-news: MCARLM has a 35th anniversary. To listen to their program about Hometown Teams and how Sports Shape America comes along with the Smithsonian Exhibit. Meg Clovis gave an introduction about the panel with the discussion and mixer. Coach Debbie Hudson, Coach Ken Kline, “Voice of the Mustangs” Paul Hernandez and the KSBW former sports reporter Dennis Leheon each spoke about sports and how it became their lives as well as our community. They gave us little background stories about the players, games and Coach Porky Tognetti or Linda Benway. Learning about commitment and impact on winning or losing, how it has shaped our community and the lives of these speakers was a fun afternoon.

Old-news: I saw my opportunity to visit the First Flight Exhibit too. Remember, this one is about crop dusters and their history of Gordon Plaskett and other pilots. A short movie, you won’t want to miss the history and John Jernigan’s talent. It was an afternoon of going back in time. Recently the repairs have been made to the museum after damages from the falling tree.

New-news: Crazy as it must seem, and must get old to the readers, I write so often about Mustang Legacy; however, it’s their 25th issue again and it’s the writers that call my attention to articles and subjects. More pictures and stories is more than just a newsletter. Especially if I try to understand teenagers and their interests. New is the Spring Arts Showcase on May 24 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, where the community can enjoy seeing many talent teens perform. Don’t miss it.

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