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King City
June 13, 2024

King City approves street improvement plan

Commentary by Steve Adams, City Manager, King City

Worthy to Print Column | It’s About Time

That’s what I told the guys working on my pickup. It’s about time you guys finished putting all the parts on my old Ford. I might have told you that I am in the middle of re-doing my truck. It was hard to let...

Window on the World Column: Always look on the bright side

Always look on the bright side... Easier said than done, I know. These have been some unprecedented months in the life of a year — and we haven’t even made it to six of the blessed things yet! I recently found myself popping into the...

Good to grow

Joanne's Got It: Column by Joanne Banuelos

Window on the World Column | Sister Sheryl

Lucy Jensen
Our first meeting was an interesting one. I had been hired as her boss at the local paper. She took me to see one of her oldest friends and clients. I was told by the customer, in no uncertain terms, that if I took...

Letter to the Editor | Different Views

To the Editor: I appreciate that the Rustler has the good sense to carry two columnists who make the newspaper interesting. In today’s world, I think that is somewhat unusual. And I, along with others, would like to see this continue, good journalism. Both are family men...

Letters to the Editor for Week of May 31

South County Newspapers welcome Letters to the Editor of fewer than 400 words. Submit all letters with the writer's name and contact information to [email protected].

Guest Column | Happy Birthday to Mee! My How We’ve Grown

When Mee Memorial Hospital first opened its doors to South County residents in 1962, astronaut John Glenn had just become the first American to orbit the Earth. The Dow Jones Industrial Average stood at around 652, the average income was just more than $5,500,...

Dog days of summer

Joanne's Got It by Joanne Banuelos

Funny Papers Again Column | We All Lose When Fear Rules the Day

Steve Wilson
OK, so I’m 21 years old and I’m driving this flatbed dooley along the horseshoe canal and two guys come running toward me frantically waving their arms, and because I know these young men, I stop the vehicle. Good opening sentence, huh? Let me...

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