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July 24, 2024

Funny Papers Again Column | The Travails of Patient and Customer

Steve Wilson
I am grateful for Mee Memorial Healthcare System, I really am. In the past decade I have had more contact with the folks there than I wanted to, but as one ages one must face the realities of natural physical deterioration or, as in...

Worthy to Print Column | A Day in the Life of a Soldier — Part I

George Worthy
The other day Lorraine and I were talking with a family friend about my column. The friend said she particularly liked the articles about the military, not because she served but because she had loved ones that had served in that little skirmish 10,000...

Letter to the Editor | Advocating Love Over Fear

To the Editor: Thank you Rustler columnist Steve Wilson for using your platform to examine the pressing issues facing us in real time. Your words of March 27, in the middle of what Christians across the world celebrate as Holy Week, remind us that all...

Funny Papers Again Column | A Little Card Shop That Is So Much More

Steve Wilson
I am sure you who read this column have no doubt noticed recently I’ve been a day late and a dollar short, to torture a metaphor. A couple weeks ago I mentioned Maddie and Tae, a singing duo advertised at the Fairgrounds, and as...

Worthy to Print Column | Still Learning

George Worthy
I love living in the Salinas Valley. I have always loved this part of the state. Oh sure there is the wind, but that you have to have something to dust while cleaning house. I will say that you really never, as our early...

Window on the World Column | For the Love of All Animals

Lucy Jensen
The first time I caught sight of her she was in bad shape. I’m no expert on this particular species, but I know suffering when I see it. I offered her unkind owner good money for her to come and live with me. Line...

Funny Papers Again Column | A New, Bright Street and an Old, Dark Ballet

Steve Wilson
If I were to offer up a descriptive sentence regarding the city’s newly upgraded main thoroughfare, it would be peppered with adjectives leading to superlatives and culminating with comparatives; i.e. “Like the revitalization seen in Old Town in Salinas, the City of King is...

Guest Column | The Healing Power of Food

Mee Memorial Healthcare System Rena Salamacha
When a person is in the hospital, their relationship with food takes on a new significance. It becomes a source of nourishment not just for the body but also for the spirit. A thoughtfully prepared meal can offer solace and provide a sense of...

Window on the World Column | Springtime Pouring and Sipping

Lucy Jensen
It’s that time of year again. At the end of a long, wet winter, we Californians are exhausted by the grey, the mud, the mess. We are tired of short days and rain and storms. Our bodies are depleted of vitamin D and our...

Funny Papers Again Column | A Few Things Seen When Biking and Walking

Steve Wilson
East Greenfield is not an official designation, but it serves my purpose as definition because I can remember a time when the whole of the area east of Third Street was just about the extent of residential property; and most of that was on...

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