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April 12, 2024

Worthy to Print Column: Halloween Fun

We have been living through some perilous times. I have heard from my relatives, my friends and even some neighbors. Things are not as they should be. Maybe this election will change us for the better. Maybe they will have a vaccine for this...

Worthy to Print Column: Sign of the Times

When I came to Gonzales, it was a wonderful little town built around the splitting of Highway 101 and closing off development to the south. Almost every citizen knew each other, and businesses that had been thriving for years on Highway 101 began to...

Worthy to Print Column: Count Your Blessings

How are you doing? Still staying in the house? It’s getting a little old, don’t you think? I guess we just have to remember something that was told to me when I was elected to the council. We were in Sacramento for some classes...

Window on the World Column: The Not-Fun Week

They said it was going to be really fun being home alone-ish (I have dogs). They said I would be able to write and relax, read and re-fill my spiritual cup. In addition to working and ranching and trying to figure out everything myself,...

Worthy to Print Column: Wanna Ride?

Gosh, it seems just like yesterday, yet we find ourselves still being told to batten down the hatches as we still have a long way to go. Has it really only been eight months? Ah, but not to worry. The Federal Government is on...

Hitting the ground running

Hello again, dear reader! It’s been the better part of a decade since I was a member of the South County Newspapers crew (now known as New SV Media). I’m happy to return to writing about and photographing the many events and stories of SoMoCo. Those of you...

Letter to the Editor: Making Improvements to King City

Editor's Note: We welcome Letters to the Editor of local and general interest to our readers. Letters should be typed and include the writer’s first and last name, home address and phone number for verification. No anonymous letters will be printed. Letters may be edited...

Letters to the Editor — Published July 25, 2018

Letters to the Editor — Published July 25, 2018

The vineyard dog

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Words matter and how best to respond

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