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MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County’s Department of Emergency Management has announced the implementation of a cutting-edge Alert and Warning System designed to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

This collaborative project, which started in 2022 and brings together dozens of emergency response agencies, has undergone extensive testing to reach all corners of the county. Public notifications or alerts began transitioning to the new platform on March 8, with a full transition set for April 7 at 5 p.m.

“For the general public, this change will have minimal impacts,” said Maia Carroll, the County’s public information officer. “The name of the alert system remains the same: Alert Monterey County. Those already enrolled will find their accounts and contact information migrated to the new system.”

Residents can update their accounts anytime by visiting and resetting their password or texting their zip code to 65513. Those who have not yet signed up to receive alerts can use the same methods to sign up, Carroll said.

The new Alert and Warning System will offer enhanced public safety and emergency preparedness. With support from various emergency response agencies, the system is designed to provide timely and critical information during emergencies, natural disasters and other critical events.

“This smooth transition is the result of a cooperative effort among multiple agencies working together to make Monterey County a safer and more prepared community,” according to the Department of Emergency Management (DEM) in a news release.

Alert and Warning System QR codes

Multiple tests have been conducted across various regions of Monterey County to ensure maximum reach. An Alert and Warning Exercise was conducted late fall, and testing was completed in December 2023 to ensure effectiveness during real emergencies. 

A public outreach campaign has been initiated to encourage all residents to sign up for this life-saving warning system. As part of the rollout, the system has undergone rebranding to make it more accessible and recognizable to the community.

Members of the public that have enrolled in Alert Monterey County via the current platform’s web portal or Nixle have been transitioned over to the new platform.

“The County will continue to operate the existing system through April 7, 2024, alongside the new one,” stated the DEM. “This dual operation will help residents transition to the new system seamlessly. Cities will transition their systems between March 8 and April 7.”

In conjunction with the Alert and Warning System, the DEM is launching a new bilingual website

This website will provide residents and stakeholders with timely information on preparedness, emergency response and recovery resources. It will also serve as a platform for residents and businesses to sign up for Alert Monterey County.

“The Department of Emergency Management remains committed to the County’s Mission, which is to excel at providing quality service for the benefit of all Monterey County residents,” the DEM stated. “By developing, maintaining and enhancing the resources of the area, these improvements aim to make Monterey County a safer and more resilient community.”

For more information and to sign up for Alert Monterey County, visit

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