MONTEREY COUNTY — Monterey County Department of Social Services is alerting clients and the community to beware of a letter circulating on social media that looks like it comes from the state telling them that they must get tested for Covid-19 to continue their benefits.

“We have become aware of a fake letter circulating on social media telling clients they must get tested for Covid-19 in order to continue their benefits. It also tells clients that if they test positive, their children will be removed into foster care. This information is absolutely false,” said Monterey County Director of Social Services Lori Medina. “The letter asks people to visit a website. The letter, its contents and the website are fake and currently under investigation.”

Anyone who receives such a letter should ignore it.

State and county departments will never ask about anyone’s health status in connection to an application for benefits. Similarly, children cannot be put into foster care just because a parent may be ill, Medina said.

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