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A homeless encampment tucked away in the woods. (Michael Barajas/Shutterstock.com)

KING CITY — The County of Monterey has been awarded two significant grants under California’s Encampment Resolution Funding program, allocating more than $11 million to address homelessness in King City and Soledad.

“The funding will facilitate crucial efforts to address homelessness in the region and assist in the resolution of two major encampments,” according to a County news release April 18.

These grants, totaling more than $6.4 million for King City and $4.7 million for Soledad, will support comprehensive strategies aimed at transitioning individuals experiencing homelessness into stable and secure housing.

“King City is extremely grateful to the County for their leadership in accessing these critical resources, which will enable us to move forward with a comprehensive and long-term approach to helping those most in need,” said King City Mayor Mike LeBarre. “We hope to become a model for other small communities by showing we can achieve meaningful solutions to homelessness throughout California by working together and each doing our part.” 

In King City, the funding will play a pivotal role in addressing the aftermath of a recent encampment fire. Through a coordinated approach, individuals will initially be provided with interim housing at a local motel, and then within a year to a permanent housing solution with comprehensive supportive services.

The focus will remain on the human aspect of the issue, emphasizing the importance of providing shelter and support to those in need. The project also benefits from a 50% match provided by the Central California Alliance for Health, demonstrating the power of collaborative partnerships.

“When combined with over $7 million in matching fund commitments from other housing and homeless grant sources, it will enable King City to proceed with development of the proposed permanent supportive housing project at the Days Inn site to address homelessness,” said City Manager Steve Adams.

Meanwhile, in Soledad, the emphasis is on community outreach and collaboration. 

Efforts have been directed toward establishing meaningful connections with encampment occupants, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are met. According to reports, the city plans to build 12 housing units on Los Coches Drive that would act as interim housing to help unhoused individuals recover.

The project showcases a successful partnership between the city and county, illustrating the effectiveness of joint initiatives in addressing homelessness.

“These initiatives represent a significant step forward in resolving homelessness in our region,” said Supervisor Chris Lopez, who represents the district encompassing both projects. “By leveraging partnerships and resources, we are making tangible progress toward ensuring every individual has access to safe and stable housing.”

Both projects have garnered support from various stakeholders, including the Cities of Soledad and King City, Housing Authority of Monterey County, Coalition of Homeless Service Providers, Caltrans and others underscoring the importance and impact of these initiatives.

“Partnering on a grant isn’t just about securing funding; it’s about amplifying success through shared purpose, creating ripples of positive change that resonate far beyond the initial grant,” said Roxanne Wilson, County Homeless Services Director. “It’s finding happiness not just in the destination but in the journey we embark on together. I am thrilled to partner with the Cities of King and Soledad, the Housing Authority of the County of Monterey, the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers, and the Central Coast Alliance for Health on these life-changing projects.” 

The County extends its gratitude to all partners involved for their collaborative efforts in addressing rural homelessness.

Sen. Anna Caballero, representing Senate District 14, congratulated the County and all involved. 

“Congratulations to the County of Monterey for their leadership and collaboration with the cities of Soledad and King City in submitting successful applications for Encampment Resolution Funding to support efforts in providing safe, permanent housing for encampment occupants in your cities,” Caballero said. “You have done the hard work, know each encampment occupant by name and have conducted the outreach to ensure that this transition is something that is wanted. This is an example of what can be accomplished when cities and counties work in partnership with the state to address the overwhelming homelessness issue to find solutions that make sense.”

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