Service League volunteers work in the Mee Memorial Gift Shop as well as provide vital services for Mee Memorial Hospital in King City. (Contributed)

KING CITY — When it comes to shopping, consumers typically love “hidden gems,” unique places where they can find just the right gift while also knowing that the purchase supports a greater cause.

Mee Memorial Healthcare System provides that opportunity through its hospital gift shop. 

Located at the entrance of the Mee Memorial Hospital lobby, the Mee Memorial Gift Shop is open to the general public as well as patients, their families and visitors.

Frequently, the volunteers working in the gift shop assist those individuals going to seek treatment in the emergency department, or to take advantage of the various laboratory services. Those visiting the hospital have easy access to the gift shop. For long-term care residents, gifts from Mee provides a respite from the everyday routine of the ward.

Offering a treasure trove of merchandise — including home decor, jewelry, books, children’s gifts and See’s candy — the gift shop is a place to discover unique gift items for any occasion.

Each purchase serves a greater cause. The gift shop is the driving force behind a team of volunteers whose sole purpose is to serve others. 

Mee Memorial Gift Shop offers a treasure trove of merchandise, including home decor, jewelry, books, children’s gifts and See’s candy. (Contributed)

The Service League’s mission is to “aid in community healthcare and support all MMHS medical facilities.”

Independent and nonprofit, the group provides vital services for the hospital in King City. In addition to stocking and operating the gift shop, volunteers work on a variety of projects designed to serve a variety of purposes, from staff appreciation, providing assistance with special events for the hospital, holding scrubs sales, providing funds for needed equipment and helping to strengthen employee morale by hosting breakfasts for staff.

Through the years, fundraisers have provided revenue for facility improvements, such as a mammography machine, dialysis equipment, fetal monitors, newborn baby clothes and furnishings for the hospital. It has also offered scholarships for employees, their families and others to continue their education in the medical field.

Service League volunteers even step in to help bring comfort to patients and their families, especially those in long-term care. They go to great lengths, engaging long-term patients by playing board games, bingo and loteria. In addition, members read to the residents and even attend to their important errands.

Mee Memorial Gift Shop is open Tuesday through Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 831-386-7396 for more information.

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