Mee Memorial Hospital in King City (Contributed)

KING CITY — Mee Memorial Healthcare System has received funds to help bolster its services following a hyper-focus on Covid-19 recovery efforts.

“We are excited to put this funding into much-needed renovations for the emergency and radiology departments to improve services and better serve our community,” said CEO Rena Salamacha.

Representing the largest project the King City hospital has undertaken in 10 years, it will help fill in the gaps created during the more than two years of the pandemic.

Salamacha said she is “hopeful that we will enter an endemic phase, and we are much better prepared for what comes next.”

Dr. Timothy Watson, Mee’s director of Radiology Services, called the project a “monumental commitment to the local community; re-establishing our presence as a proud member of the King City area, while also elevating the level of care and scope of services the organization’s administration, physicians and staff strive to deliver to our patients everyday.”

Dr. Noah Hawthorne, medical director of Mee’s Emergency Department, reports that the renovation will bring more than two times the number of patient treatment spaces along with a modernized facility to optimally care for patients.

“We hope that this will improve efficiency and allow us to continue to offer some of the shortest patient wait times in the county even with increasing volumes all while providing great care,” he said.

In a recent letter to MMHS staff, Salamacha expressed gratitude and hope for the future.

“Let us take a deep collective breath and look forward to brighter days,” she wrote. “It’s time to reconnect with our mission — providing culturally sensitive and patient-centered healthcare, delivered with the highest quality of service.”

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