Dr. Joshua Deutsch speaks to students at Greenfield High School on Aug. 19 to encourage them to get the Covid-19 vaccination. (Contributed Photo)

GREENFIELD — Dr. Joshua Deutsch, a physician with Mee Memorial Healthcare System, recently spoke to students at Greenfield High School to encourage them to get the Covid-19 vaccination.

Deutsch, who has shared his experiences of first-hand patient interaction in King City and Greenfield with Monterey County officials, presented information in support of the vaccines.

On a nationwide level, 25% of children ages 12 to 15 have received the Covid-19 vaccine. A total of 45% have received the vaccine in the 16 to 17 age group, with 37% of them being fully vaccinated.

Deutsch informed the high school students on where they could go for vaccines, such as the website myturn.ca.gov, as well as the importance of being vaccinated, mainly to help their families.

He warned that without harsher efforts to contain the pandemic, such as widespread immunization, the Covid-19 virus could be with humanity as an ongoing problem.

“Do it for your family, and because we are seeing younger patients with the virus,” Deutsch said. “Covid will be forever with us if we don’t do something about it — it’s our best weapon. We will bring a clinic to your school if it is more convenient.”

Deutsch was joined by Principal Janet Matos and the GHS mascots during the Aug. 19 rally.

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Sean Roney is a freelance reporter for King City Rustler and Salinas Valley Tribune, a unified publication of Greenfield News, Soledad Bee and Gonzales Tribune. He covers general news for the Salinas Valley communities in South Monterey County.


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